Travel Knitting

26 Jul

We’ve been traveling a bit over the summer, and have been knitting a new sweater for H. when the kids are occupied either in the car or in planes. On the way back from New York last weekend, I was able to finish the Child’s Knit Tunic by Morehouse Farms in size 6.

I may try to reblock it and see if I can stretch it out a bit.  It fits her perfectly now, but may not once winter hits.

H. picked out the buttons from her great grandmother’s vintage button stash.  When J. gets old enough to wear the sweater, I’ll change out the buttons.

Since the sweater was knit in the round, it went fairly quickly. I may try to make one for J., so he can wear it this winter. I just worry he will refuse to wear it–he is a t-shirt and hoodie kinda kid.  Recently, he asked me to make him some pants, so I jumped at this request and purchased some corduroy for him over the weekend.  Hopefully, J. will actually wear something I make for him.  I’ll start on a pair of pants for him just as soon as uniform sewing is complete.

Speaking of which, I started sewing uniforms for H. this weekend.  I’m hoping to finish a dress tonight, so photos will follow soon.


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