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Sewing School Uniforms

22 Aug

H. and J. go back to school after Labor Day.  I’ve slowly been sewing school uniforms these past few weeks.  J. will be starting kindergarten in September, so I have two sets of uniforms to crank out for the upcoming school year. Luckily, I think H. still fits in some of the uniforms I made for her last school year.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough once she actually starts back to school in a few weeks. For now, I think these newly sewn uniforms will get her through the early part of the school year.

As in previous years, I used O + S patterns and yards and yards of  khaki twill, corduroy, quilting cotton, and broadcloth to make this year’s school uniforms.

Here is the run down.

Using Kona cotton and a left over polka dot print, I made a reversible Hula Hoop Skirt:


This Sunday Brunch Skirt has a pop of contrast with navy blue top stitching.  Unfortunately, the striped t-shirt with the sequined lightening bolt is not part of her school uniform.  It totally should be if you ask me.


For this Music Class Skirt, I used robin eggs blue for the top stitching.


One of my favorite patterns I like to use for school uniforms is the  Music Box Jumper (view B).  I used a green polka dot print for the facing and underside of the front flaps.


Since J. still doesn’t like buttons, I made him a few pairs of buttonless pants. I used some scrape fabric for the waistbands and pocket linings for a bit of fun.

I sewed three pairs Sandbox Pants without the drawstring.

For one pair of pants, I used light blue thread for the top stitching.  I also added buttons to the back pockets on one pair.  J. picked these out.


For all of the Sandbox pants, I lined the pockets and choose fun prints for the waistband.

I also made two pairs of Bedtime Story PJ Pants without the bound hems.




How is your back-to-school sewing progressing?

KCWC Day 1: Badminton Skort

24 Apr

Are you participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge Spring 2012 this week?

For the first day of the KCWC challenge, I finished the Badminton Skort H. could wear as part of her school uniform.

H. didn’t bother to put down her book for me to take this photo.

For the shorts and the hem facing, I used a print from Cape Ann just to add a bit of color.

I made a teeny tiny version of this skort (6-12 months) using one of my favorite Oliver + S prints from the Modern Workshop collection.

I do love this pattern and its adorable packaging.

A while back, I made H. a pair of O + S Sailboat Pants.  The blue buttons are vintage and were given to me by my husband’s grandmother.


H. needed a few new warm-weather-additions to her uniform wardrobe.  She is starting to grow out of many of the uniforms I made for her last summer.  I’m hoping her new skort and these pants will still fit her come fall.

I can’t stop sewing uniforms

24 Aug

I think I have a problem.  I can’t seem to stop sewing school uniforms for my daughter.  Is there a 12 step program for this I should consider joining?  Since I acquired a new sewing machine this weekend, I just had to sew a few more.

The Birthday Party Dress has always been one of my favorites both as a uniform and in a print.


I used polka dotted fabric for the button tabs and the front, back, and hem facings.


Last year, I made H. the Eliette Jumper by the French company Citronille.  I think it was the only uniform I made for her last year in khaki.  She wore it twice before ripping a huge hole right in the middle of her dress.  I made her another one using thin-whaled corduroy.


I have resolved that I am done sewing khaki skirts and jumpers for the rest of the year.  H. is still able to fit into many of the blue uniforms I made her when she was 4 and 5, but those are now being retired and have found adequate replacements. Hopefully, she will be able to continue to wear them as tunics as she gets taller.

More School Uniforms

7 Aug

This is one of the few weekends this summer where we don’t have any plans.  I took advantage of that and sewed a few more uniforms for H. once the kids were in bed.  Now that H. has an ample supply of skirts for the upcoming school year, I started working on a few jumpers.

To sneak in a bit of color, I have been hitting my scrape drawer to find some colorful prints to use for the facing.

I’ll start with my favorite of jumper in the bunch–view B of Oliver + S’s Music Box Jumper.  H. loved the one I made for her last fall and still wears it today. For the one I made Friday night, I used a khaki window pane fabric and roundabout dots from Modern Workshop.



For view A of the Music Box Jumper, I used cotton sateen.


H. picked out some leftover Amy Butler for the facing.


H. has to wear the uniform polo under her jumpers, so I made the Seashore Sundress in size 7 to accommodate the shirt.  The dress should also last her throughout the school year, I hope!

For the facing and the pocket lining, I used more leftover fabric from O + S’s Modern Workshop.


H. prefers to wear jumpers and dresses opposed to skirts and pants. I have two more jumpers in my uniform sewing queue. Since school doesn’t start until after Labor Day, I’m taking a short break from uniform sewing.  I need some time away from the color khaki.

Reversible Anna Wrap Dress

4 Apr

My daughter’s school will be implementing a stricter uniform policy in the fall.  Gone are the days of having a lovely dress code where I could send her to school in anything navy, light blue, white, or khaki.  I thoroughly enjoyed making her clothes meet these color requirements.  Since I am not a huge fan of khaki, her school wardrobe is filled with various shades of blue.

Come fall, she will be required to wear a store-bought navy polo shirt with the school’s logo coupled a khaki-colored jumpers, skirts, or pants.  Since H. doesn’t like to wear pants, I’ll be adding a slew of khaki jumpers and skirts over the next few months. I’ve been thinking of revisiting some of my favorite children’s sewing patterns to help me tackle this challenge.

Over the weekend, I pulled out my Farbenmix Anna Wrap Dress pattern.  Using some cotton sateen from JoAnn’s and some fabric by Michael Miller, I made H. this reversible apron dress.  She can wear this side to school.

During the weekend, she can wear this side which was made using fabric by Robert Kaufman.

I made this in  134/140 cm, so it is still pretty big on H.  I’m sure she will do quite a bit of growing this summer, so I have tucked it away in the back of her closet for now.  She still has two other apron dresses–one for school and one for the weekend— that still fit her for now.

September Birthdays

24 Sep

September seems to be chokeful of  kid and adult birthdays, including J’s and my own. I’ve been knitting and sewing presents to help celebrate all of these fall birthdays.

For G., I made threw on some applique to make this birthday t-shirt

For I, I made her an Oliver and S Hopscotch Skirt using Joel Dewberry fabric.  H. was pretty psyched since it was the same fabric I used for her Music Box Jumper.

I love the Chinese takeout box-inspired pocket detail on this pattern.

On a different note, I made a few Oliver and Samples for the Stitch House using some of the wonderful Amy Butler Fabric they stock.  My apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I took them with my phone.

Sailboat Top and Pants:

Ice Cream Dress:

Thanks for the most lovely registrants, I had so much fun teaching the Oliver and S workshop, and hope to do it again soon.

Ready for a New School Year

12 Sep

View B of the new Oliver and S Music Box Jumper was a easy to tackle this weekend. This version of the pattern has an adorable inverted box pleat and two decorative front flaps.

To help celebrate the arrival of fall, I used an acorn print by Joel Dewberry, 2 vintage buttons for the front flaps, and 5 navy buttons  for the back closure (the pattern calls for 6 buttons, but I only had 5 on hand, so I will add the sixth button hole and button when I get a chance to get another matching button).

For the front facing yoke, I used some leftover Moda fabric.

J. also has another addition to his fall wardrobe.  I finished a pair of Sandbox Pants using leftover chambray and contrasting green top stitching.

For the waistband, the pocket linings, and ties, I used leftover Amy Butler fabric.

I have discovered the key to getting J. to be willing to wear the clothes I make is to let him pick out the buttons.  For these pants, he picked out tractor buttons.

I never thought I would cross over into the realm of cutesy buttons, but here I am!