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Knitting and Sewing for a bit of Winter Warmth

2 Mar

This winter has been a bit too snowy and cold for my taste.  Over the past two months, I’ve been knitting and sewing garments to help keep us all warm.

Shortly after the new year, I knit another Falmouth Hat for myself using a skein of Quince and Co. Osprey in chanterelle.  This has been my go-to-hat on these cold New England days.

Falmouth Hat


I knit the Vines cowl using four skeins of Lark in honey.  I’m donating this one to an upcoming raffle for a friend who is running the Boston Marathon.

Vines Cowl

I recently purchased a second hand serger, and have been easing by way learning how to use it by experimenting with all the different settings.  This weekend I sewed the Lola dress from Victory Patterns using sweatshirt fleece.  I love this dress.  The fleece I used has a tweedy, nubby texture on the outside, but the softest and coziest fleece inside.  I could live in this all winter.  The finished dress reminds me of a garment that Prairie Underground would make, so of course, I want to wear it nonstop.

Using this adorable fawn print knit I picked up a JP Knit and Stitch  yesterday, I made H. a new Hopscotch Top.


I also finished a new School Photo Dress for H. just in time for her to wear it for last week’s 3rd grade tea party.


I used a print from Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea collection for the main fabric and navy blue leftover uniform fabric for the lining.

For J., I made him a tooth pillow just in time for him to send off his first baby teeth.


H. and J. have a number of friends who recently celebrated birthdays.  I made most of them birthday shirts.  A handful went out without photos taken.

For one of H.’s dear friends, H. helped me make a birthday shirt,  a reversible Hula Hoop skirt, and a matching gift bag.



Hopefully, warmer weather will arrive soon.  I’m ready to start sewing spring and summer clothes!




Fall Sailboat Top and Sandbox Pants for Nephew H.

28 Aug

My youngest nephew is turning 1.  As part of his birthday present, I made his a cozy fall outfit using the Oliver + S Sailboat Top and Sandbox Pants patterns.


For the top, I used the bike print from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play collection.  For the facing, I used a cross hatch print put from Alexander Henry.

I used chocolate brown corduroy for the Sandbox Pants, but I chose to leave off the back pocket buttons and the drawstring tie.  I placed the corduroy going horizontally for the front and back pockets to add a bit of contrast. For the waistband and the pockets, I used the same bike print from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play collection.

Badminton Top and Skort

22 Apr

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Oliver + S patterns.  I even had all of my fabric picked out from my stash, washed and iron well in advance, so I could dive right in as soon as the patterns arrived.

Using prints from O + S’s City Weekend, Modern Workshop, and Denyse Schmidt, I made H. the Badminton Top and Skort.  Since I didn’t have enough yardage to make the skort, I used some leftover from this top for the hem facing and the shorts.


The faux summer weather we had this week sadly ended today.   Before the downpour hit, H. threw on some leggings and a long sleeve shirt to wear under her new top and skort, and we headed out to walk one of our dogs around the block.


Actually, our beagle tends to walk the person on the other end of the leash.


I love that this summery outfit looks just as cute with layers.  The adorable headband was made by my friend Crista.  This sweet headband has been the best accessory as of late since H. is trying to grow out her bangs.

Since the kids spent most of the April break outdoors, cabin fever hit early on this afternoon.  Raincoats and boots were donned, and my husband took the kids out in search of worms and snails.  Luckily H. and J. came home somewhat dry, but their legs were soaking.

I think I love this top even more with cords underneath.

Needless to say, the Badminton Top and Skort is my favorite of the new O + S spring /summer patterns.  You’ll be seeing more if it soon!

A Summer-Like Spring

23 Mar

The first few days of spring have brought with them summer-like weather. 70 and 80 degree weather in the March is Boston is unheard of.  I love it!  The warmer weather has inspired a bit of summer sewing this week.

When H. and I saw the latest Little Lisette the last time we were at JoAnn’s, we both fell in love with the paper boat and popsicle and ice cream prints.


My favorite of the two is the paper boat fabric.  I’m kind of a sucker for fabric that have paper boats on them.  I used it to make Simplicity 1893. I totally copied the picture for view A on the pattern package.


I lined the bodice of the dress using some leftover O + S Cape Ann toile.  She likes seeing S. on the toile and pretends some of other children are her and her brother. I also used a pale yellow zipper to match the color of the paper boats. (I forgot to take out the basting stitches before I took this photo).

I love the way the dress turned out.  H. has room to grow, but it will be perfect for the summer months ahead of us.

Using the Little Lisette popsicle and ice cream print, I made the Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse.


For the shorts, I used Alexander Henry’s Heath in pink and pink ticking from O + S’s Cape Ann.

H. loves the shorts, so I may try to make her another pair (or two) for the summer.

Seersucker Pants

13 Jun

Many of you know how picky my son is when it comes to his clothes.  He doesn’t like to wear anything with buttons. He will even go so far as wearing his shorts backwards, so he doesn’t have to see a button.

Needless to say, it is a bit of a challenge to not only get J. to wear items I make for him, but it is even more challenging to get him to wear fancy duds.

In preparation youngest nephew’s baptism, I made a pair of seersucker pants using the O + S Bedtime Story PJ pattern.


The only modification I made was to just add a simple hem to the pant legs.  I figured if J. had a buttonless, mini version of pants that looked like my husband’s seersucker suit, that J. would actually wear them, and it worked!


After a handing J. a pack of vintage baseball cards, he agreed to wear a button down polo for the day.  This is just about as dressed up as both of my guys get.

Class Picnic Blouse

25 Apr

I’ve had Megumi Sakakibara‘s Girl on a Farm in my stash for a while just waiting for the perfect pattern for it.  Then came along the Oliver and S Class Picnic Blouse.  I can’t take full credit for this fabric choice.  I picked out 3 fabrics from my stash and let H. choose which one she wanted for this top.   I am delighted with her choice.


This simple peasant shirt was so quick to sew.  I was able to finish it in one evening.  Aside from the ease and quickness of this pattern, my favorite detail is the elastic at the top of the shoulders.  They provide such a nice detail.

For the back yoke, I positioned the farm girl to be right in the center.   I wish I had thought ahead of time to do the same for the front, but I do like the fact that it is like a little subtle surprise.

I tried to coax, H. into letting me make the Class Picnic shorts for her.  After showing her a pair I had made for someone else this weekend, she kindly said she didn’t like to wear shorts. She did wear the Puppet Show shorts I made her last summer at least twice!  I guess I can’t complain too much.  I know my gal is a dress and skirt kind of girl.

Seashore Sundress and Family Reunion Dress

14 Apr

Every time I get a new Oliver and S pattern, I feel like I am getting my own personal sewing instructor wrapped up inside every pattern.  With the new spring and summer patterns, I learned a few more tips and tricks to add to my sewing toolkit.

The last time H. and I went into JP Knit and Stitch, she pulled out a bolt of fabric by Kaffe Fassett.  H. seems to be really drawn to his fabrics since she picked out Pandora Ombre Red by Kaffe Fassett when we were at Spool.  I haven’t found the perfect pattern to go with this, um, rather colorful fabric, but for the Shawl print she choose at JP Knit and Stitch, I thought the Seashore Sundress pattern would work well.

The Seashore Sundress echos the Tea Party Sundress (my first Oliver and S pattern).  I love the subtle v at the front of the Seashore Sundress which makes it almost have a slight sweetheart neckline.

For the facing, I used left over fabric by Heather Bailey.  The buttons are from my vintage button collection given to me by my husband’s grandmother.

I used the last bit of my Modern Workshop Pink Lemonade pack to make the Family Reunion Dress. The level of detail in this dress is astounding. I think I could have done a better job with the pin tucks, but overall I am please with how it turned out. If I were to make it again, I would edge stitch the front button area.

I didn’t have four small buttons for the front the dress, so I dug through my vintage button box and found four well-worn buttons that were all about the same size.

Even though I had enough fabric for the hem facing, I decided to use some leftover City Weekend just for kicks.

When you try this pattern, see if you can find the hidden message on the pattern pieces.