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Biking clothes

16 Sep

Today we woke up to a cool crisp fall morning.  Perfect weather for H. to don her new fall Little Red Riding Hood Cape.  I made this a few weeks back and haven’t had a chance to post post it. H. loved the cape I made her for the spring, so I thought it would be fun to make her another one she could wear during the fall.

I made it reversible.  For one side, I used red velvet.

For the other side, I used this super soft pink and red corduroy from the fall Little Lisette line.

H. decided to wear the corduroy side for her bike ride to school this morning.

Speaking of biking, at the end of the summer H. asked me to make her a pair of shorts she could wear on weekend bike rides.


Using one of the many Japanese Sewing books (ISBN 9784529045261)  I have but rarely use, I made these simple shorts.


I used fabric by Michael Miller for the shorts and organic cotton from Cloud 9 for the yokes on the pocket


Continental Dress

7 Sep

Last week, I made the Lisette Continental Dress (Simplicity 2059) using this silver dot print by Michael Miller.

Even though I made a matching belt for the dress, I opted to wear it with my favorite black belt to work today.

I’m not sure the fabric was the right choice for this dress.  It is a bit stiffer than I would have liked.  If I made this again, I would choose a lawn, a voile, or something with a bit more movement.

Sewing in a Storm

29 Aug

Growing up in Texas near the Gulf Coast, I have lived through my fair share of hurricanes.  I never thought I would have to prepare to weather one in New England, but that is we did this weekend.  Granted, our preparations this weekend pale in comparison of what I remember watching my parents do when I was a child.  Nevertheless, I did undertake some of the same preparations even if it was under my husband’s mocking eye (example of spousal mockery: when I was filling up our downstairs bathroom with water just in case we needed extra water, my husband affectionately referred to it as my ‘paranoia pool’).

My checklist included a few other tasks and items that weren’t on my parents’ list like cooking and baking a ton, hosting a play date, and of course knitting and sewing. I felt as it I was nesting more than preparing for a big storm.

This weekend, I made two Hopscotch dresses for H. We discovered a few months back that this is such an easy dress to just throw on for weekend outings.

For the long-sleeve version of the dress, I used Scandi Chirp by Michael Miller and leftover fabric for the trim.

For the short-sleeve version of the dress, I used Floral in orange from O + S’s Modern Workshop trimmed with City Weekend’s Cafe Dots in blue.


Other than a few fallen branches and leaves strewn all around our house, I feel pretty lucky we were able to get through the storm without incident.  I know several people who weren’t as lucky as we were.

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

22 Jun

One of my nephews turns 4 today.  As part of his birthday present, I made him a sun hat from  The O + S Reversible Bucket Hat pattern in Little Things to Sew.

H. was happy to try it on before we boxed up the hat and shipped it.


Happy Birthday, B!

Best Buddy Presents

5 Apr

Spring is a busy birthday season for our family and friends. This year, I tried to get started a bit early by sewing some birthday presents in February. I didn’t manage to make as many gifts as I had hoped. I suppose I got a bit too distracted by the Lisette patterns.

Now that a few birthdays have past, I thought I would post some items I made for two of our favorite buddies.

For my super talented and awesome best buddy from graduate school, I made her a Tova shirt. I find it challenge at times sewing for myself since I am a stickler for items fitting just right, so I rarely sew clothing items for adults. Even though K. leaves on the west coast and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a proper fitting (not like I even know how to do that), I took a chance and made her a Tova top.

For one of H.’s best friend’s sixth birthday, I made her a Oliver and S Hopscotch Top and Skirt using knit fabric by Michael Miller and quilting cotton from Erin McMorris’s Park Slope line (one of my all time favorite fabric lines).

With the leftover fabric from the skirt, I made matching Popover Sundresses for H.’s and her buddy’s American Girl Dolls.

Ice Cream Top and Puppet Show Shorts

15 Jun

We were able to escape the Boston rain this weekend and drive right on into summer. Just in time for this little weekend trip, I was able to finish view C of the Oliver &S  Ice Cream Dress using fabric by Michael Miller.  I cut the yoke fabric along the grain.  For the bodice, I cut the fabric on the bias. I also made another pair of Puppet Show Shorts in brown linen since H. has outgrown the black ones I made her last summer.  I do hope they reprint this pattern with larger sizes.  This is my favorite pattern for shorts.

H. prefers having the vintage button in the front. I think I might like that better too!

Here are a few more photos of H. in action as she was walking one of our dogs.

Popover Sundress for M.

13 Apr

At the end of March, I finished an Oliver and S Popover sundress in size 7 as part of my niece’s birthday present.   For the main part of the dress, I used the same Michael Miller print I used for H.’s reversible Gracie dress. I hope M. loves it as much I love her!