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Long Overdue

9 Jul

July already? I am not sure where June went, but apparently, it came and now has gone. In the midst the soccer games, a ballet recital, a pre-school graduation, the slew of end-of-year performances, and a few early summer trips, I feel like we have been shuttling from one thing to another both on the home and work fronts.  Now that summer is here, I am finally able to catch my breath and fill you in on a few things I completed. I won’t inundate you in a single post since I still haven’t take photos of the items I have recently finished.  For now, here are a few items sewn over the past few weeks.

For my nephew B.’s 5th birthday, I made him the Oliver + S Explorer’s Vest from Little Things to Sew.  I used a print from Heather Ross’s Mendocino line and Oliver + S’s City Weekend.

As a birthday present for one of H.’s friends, I made J. the Popover Sundress and a matching doll version using Lisette and Alexander Henry fabrics.

I also recently completed a few birthday applique t-shirts, but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo before they were given away.  Same goes for a slew of wristlets I made as gifts. More posts soon to follow…



Silent Auction Items

27 Mar

For the past two years, I’ve helped organize my daughter’s annual school auction.  It is a great family event, and a nice way to celebrate the school and the community who support it.  Even though I miss some of the planning aspects, I’m looking forward to being an attendee this time around.

For this year’s auction, I made a reversible cape from the O + S’s Little Things to Sew.  H. always receives such nice comments whenever she wears one of her capes, so I am hoping this will be a popular item.


At the request of this year’s auction organizers, I made a yoga bag to be coupled with a gift certificate for a local yoga studio.

Hopefully, these will find wonderful homes.

Valentine’s Day Scarves

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As part of H. and J.’s Valentine’s Day gifts, I made them scarves using the No-Tie Scarf pattern from Little Things to Sew. A few months back I received a surprise gift with Cape Ann Brushed Cotton Fat Quarter Bundle.

I used prints from the bundle to make the scarves reversible.  For extra warmth, I sewed in some batting.

H. wore hers today on top of her Sleepover PJs.  Today is Pajama Day at her school.

J. doesn’t usually wear scarves, but he was willing to appease me and wear his new scarf to school today.

Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with warmth and love.

For H.’s Friend M.

1 Nov

One of H’s good friends recently asked me if I would make her a cape.  I asked her what her favorite colors were, pulled a few fabrics for her to choose from, and viola, a reversible Little Red Riding Hood Cape was made to her liking.

For one side, I used super soft velveteen by Anna Maria Horner.


For the other side, I used a print from Aneela Hoey’s Little Apples.

I also made M. matching Popover Sundresses for her and her AG doll.  I used one of my favorite Modern Workshop prints.

My boy is 4

22 Sep

My son’s birthday was this week.  It has been the best distraction and a temporary remedy for our broken hearts. We lost our most beloved dog to cancer earlier this week.  After having this wonderful pup for 13 years, it truly does feel like we have lost a member of our family.


Back to happier thoughts…I have never seen J. so excited for one of his birthdays.  He helped me every step of the way as we baked, frosted, and decorated cupcakes for his pre-school party.


I made him a few things to help him celebrate turing 4.

I used leftover Jay McCaroll fabric for the applique on the birthday hoodie J. has come to expect every year:


I knit a toy robot using silver cotton and green metallic yarn.  I used vintage buttons for the eyes.  I was seaming and stuffing this into the wee hours the night before his birthday, so I didn’t get around to making a mouth or adding other embellishments. As soon as J. saw it, he thought I had used yarn from his favorite gray bear to make the robot.  He was very pleased to see that I hadn’t done that.

I also made him some new corduroy pants.  You can see one pair in these photos.  I made another in green wide-whale corduroy.  I used the O + S Bedtime Story PJs pattern.  This is a perfect pants pattern for J. since there are no buttons.  They are also super fast to sew.

A few weeks back on a rainy weekend, my husband invented a new game with the kids called Space Balls.  H. and J. pretend to be a Star Wars character (how they know who the characters are is beyond me since they have never seen any of the movies). My husband takes a soft baseball or small basketball, has the kids run, and throws the ball at them. They think this was the most hilarious thing ever. Being the nervous mother I am, I thought it best to try and make softer balls they could pelt at each other.  The Oliver + S juggling balls pattern from Little Things to Sew seemed like the perfect solution.  Using scrap fabric, I made 6 balls in the smaller size and 6 in the larger size.  H. and my husband helped stuff them.


For the bag, I used leftover rocket and City Weekend fabric from J’s bear carrier.  As soon as J. opened these, H. & J. ran upstairs and started pelting each other with these little balls.  Nice to see they are a success!

Overall, I think J. had a pretty awesome 4th birthday.  I know his 4th was great fun for me.

Biking clothes

16 Sep

Today we woke up to a cool crisp fall morning.  Perfect weather for H. to don her new fall Little Red Riding Hood Cape.  I made this a few weeks back and haven’t had a chance to post post it. H. loved the cape I made her for the spring, so I thought it would be fun to make her another one she could wear during the fall.

I made it reversible.  For one side, I used red velvet.

For the other side, I used this super soft pink and red corduroy from the fall Little Lisette line.

H. decided to wear the corduroy side for her bike ride to school this morning.

Speaking of biking, at the end of the summer H. asked me to make her a pair of shorts she could wear on weekend bike rides.


Using one of the many Japanese Sewing books (ISBN 9784529045261)  I have but rarely use, I made these simple shorts.


I used fabric by Michael Miller for the shorts and organic cotton from Cloud 9 for the yokes on the pocket

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

22 Jun

One of my nephews turns 4 today.  As part of his birthday present, I made him a sun hat from  The O + S Reversible Bucket Hat pattern in Little Things to Sew.

H. was happy to try it on before we boxed up the hat and shipped it.


Happy Birthday, B!