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August Birthdays

11 Aug

My sister and one of my sisters-in-law have birthdays this month, so I have been sewing and knitting a few items to include in their birthday packages.

I made another Heather Ross Everything Tote using decor -weight fabric from Alexander Henry’s Copenhagen.  I love this print since it reminds me of something I would find by Marimekko. I picked this up at JP Knit and Stitch earlier in the summer and think I need get a bit more.  For the lining, I used a print from Anna Maria Horner’s Chocolate Lollipop from my stash.


With the extra fabric, I made a little weekend travel bag. I know the zipper and the lining don’t really match, but I used what I had in the house.  I still think it works together.


I also knit another pair of Fetching Wrist Warmers in cream using one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.


For my sister, I sewed a Wiksten Tank Top in cotton voile from AMH’s Innocent Crush.

You can’t really tell in this photo, but the top has such a nice drape in the voile.  I’m tempted to make one for myself.  I suppose it is a good thing my sister and I live almost two thousand miles away from each other, so we wouldn’t have to worry about being seen together wearing the same top.  Oh, the horror!

After seeing Genevieve’s adorable bag after I finished teaching my sewing class last week, I was inspired to make not only one but two reversible bags using this pattern.

I added two pockets on the inside and used fabric from Aneela Hoey’s Sherbert Pips for the lining.


For the other bag, I used decor-weight fabric by Ty Pennington.

I let H. and J. pick out the lining from my stash.  They unanimously chose Lotus Full Moon Polka Dot by Amy Butler. 



I didn’t check the test square until I had already cut out fabric for two bags (tisk tisk).  My print out was about a inch smaller than it should have been.  Sewing with smaller seam allowances didn’t remedy the matter either.  I went ahead and sewed the two reversible bags. One will go to my sister and the other will go in my gift pile.

I want to make a larger one, so I’ll be adding that to my ever growing sewing queue.



Sewing with knits

10 Jan

I finally did it. I mustered up enough courage to try sewing with knits with my pretty basic sewing machine.  I don’t own a serger, so have always felt a bit daunted with the idea of sewing with knits. With handy instructions in the Oliver and S Hopscotch top/dress pattern and with the discovery that I have a stretch and overlock stitch on my machine, I whipped up a new top and dress for H. this weekend.

Even though I have had my sewing machine for over a decade now, I am still learning new things about it. With the stretch and overlock stitches built into one setting on my machine, I didn’t have to finish any seams.  I was able to trace, cut both the pattern and fabric, and sew a dress in one evening. With this little added boast of sewing confidence, I feel like a whole new world of fabric options has just opened up to me.

For both the Hopscotch Top and Dress, I used knits from the Oliver and S  City Weekend knits. They are so soft and surprisingly easy to work with. For the Hopscotch skirt, I used a paper boat print from Heather Ross’s Macaroni Love Story.  I love the prints in this line, but I am a bit disappointed with the quality of cotton Spoonflower uses. Regardless, I love the way the skirt turned out.

H’s Princess Birthday Party

31 Jul

H. is 5 today!

This year, H. requested to have a princess party, and I was more than happy to oblige. H.’s request for a princess party happened to coincide with the release of Heather Ross’s Far Far Away II fabric collection, so I used the new line as my inspiration. I purchased a few yards of Sleeping Beauty in plum and Rapunzel in natural.  I loved the weight and softness of the double gauze in Far Far Away I and was rather surprised when I discovered the heavy weight of the linen and cotton blend (one of the downsides of purchasing fabric online). I let H. choose which print she wanted for her birthday dress.  She chose the sleeping beauty.  Along with half a yard of pink roses and Favorite Things Little Prairie Girl Dress pattern, I made H. this:

I knew the weight of this fabric was all wrong for this dress, but I was determined to make it work.  Instead of lining the skirt, I added on the trim at the bottom to mimic the hem of the lining peaking out from beneath the dress. H. loves the dress. I think it turned out nicely and will make a great dress for the fall.

While I was sewing the dress, we were in the midst of a good ‘ole Boston heatwave.  I started to panic thinking this dress would be way too hot for H. to wear to her outdoor party. Enter princess party dress number 2.

Using the Princess and the Pea print from Far Far Away 1 and one of my handy Japanese sewing books (ISBN 9784579109708 ), I was able to whip up this simple sundress in one night.  I think the weight of the double gauze is much more appropriate for an outdoor summer party. H. loves this one even more since her back sticks out.

I was planning to make a birthday crown, when I stumble across this nifty tutorial on how to make a princess birthday hat.  How could I not make this for a princess party? Using lovely wool felt I picked up during a recent trip to Purl and some lavender and pink tulle from JoAnn’s, I made H. her own princess hat.  I added batting to help the hat keep its shape.  I also lined it with Castle Peeps fabric. I decided to add H.’s initial instead of 5, so that she could wear it long after she is 5.  While H. was playing with the tulle, she requested that the hat have a very long veil.  I have never seen her so happy to wear something I made for her as I have with this hat. She was simply beside herself.

With the extra fabric from both dresses and a few half yards from Lizzy House’s Castle Peeps, I made H. another birthday banner (without the lettering this time around).  We did reuse her banner from last year.

As we have these past few years, we celebrated H’s birthday with family and friends at a park. Aside from playing on the playground and in the baseball field in the park, we set up a craft table where guests could decorate crowns.

I picked up this hilarious hand painted Bowling Knights set at Grasshopper in Portland.  The object of the game is to knock all the knights down without tipping over the princess.

The last activity we had for the kids was brief recap of Cinderella where my husband incorporated little toys for each child to go and find.  My husband hid toys all over the park and distributed a card to each child. On each card, he had drawn representations of the each toy with a brief description of where they could be found.

After that, we all enjoyed chocolate and vanilla cupcakes I had made.

Guests left with party favor bags filled with castle-themed stickers and a castle scene rolled up and tied with gold ribbon, a crown-shaped lollipop, and castle-themed silly bandz (has this strange phenomena hit your child’s world?)

I think H. enjoyed her 5th birthday.  I know I did.

Happy birthday, Princess H.

To help keep them entertained

26 Jun

I am packing up the family, so they can accompany me on a business trip to the “other” coast. To help keep H & J entertained on the flights, I made little cloth pouches for a few travel fun packs.  I used some scrap fabric and leftover bias tape and filled the bags with some fun toys, small books, and activities.

While I am attending workshops,  my husband and the kids will be spending the most wonderful time with my sister-in-law and her family. I made a few pencil rolls for H. and J. as well as two to give to my niece and nephew.  H & J picked out the fabric for their pencil rolls. H. picked out the Rapunzel print from Heather Ross’s Far Far Away II, and J. picked out the guitars.

I really love the new Heather Ross Far Far Away II line, but I wish it were made from the double gauze Far Far Away I used.  I was hoping to make a dress for H’s upcoming birthday using the Sleeping Beauty print, but the cotton/linen mix seems a bit to thick and stiff. I may give it a try anyhow.

More Weekend Travel Bags

15 Dec

Shortly after I posted the last two Weekend Travel bags I made, H & J claimed them as their own.  They  used them to carry some toys when we went away for Thanksgiving.

As replacements, I made a few more (7 more to be precise).  These will go to H’s teachers as well as to friends as family members.  I used most of the decor weight fabric I already had as well as a new one I had in my stash.

Travel Bags

23 Nov

I am in full holiday gift-giving-production mode.  Not to long ago, I made some weekend travel bags from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing to give away as presents.  These are so quick and easy that I have decided to make a more for the upcoming holidays.  I finished two this evening.

For both bags, I used Amy Butler home decor weight fabric.

For the inside of this one, I used fabric from Erin McMorris’s Wildwood series.  To make sure the trees were right side up on both sides, I cut two pieces of fabric and seamed them together instead of cutting the lining on the fold as the instructions directed.  I did the same for the main fabric on the other bag.

I’m planning to give these to H.’s homeroom teachers at school, unless I don’t end up keeping them for myself (which is tempting!)

Mermaid and Seahorse Reversible Anna Wrap Dress

12 Apr

I’ve been wanting to make the Farbenmix Anna Wrap Dress for almost over a year after I saw the dress one of my friends had made for her daughter. I’ve had the pattern for a while, but was a bit daunted since there weren’t any drawings to go along with the pattern. I am such a visual learner that I psyched myself out a bit and over thought this pattern to the point where I almost never made it. If I can sew from Japanese patterns with no English translations, I sure can sew this pattern since it was translated into English, right?

I had decided I wanted to make it reversible, so after getting confused as to which pattern pieces to trace out and add the seam allowances to, I finally had that “ah-ha” moment midway though sewing it all together last night. I ended up cutting a total of 4 pieces of the #1 piece and didn’t use the #2 pieces of the pattern at all. I also made 4 sets of ties instead of 2. Here is the result:

The fabric I used is from Heather Ross’s Mendocino line. I made the dress in size 110-116 cm.

Now that I think I have the pattern down, I would love to make more and try replacing the ties with a button. The pattern is so simple, yet there are so many possible variations.  There are some great photos on Flickr. It is so inspiring to see what others have created.

With knitting, I have been making extremely slow progress on the Dusk Cardigan.

I did purchase some fun fabric to make a few things for J.  Now, I just have to find the perfect patterns. Boy clothes seem to be a bit more challenging since there aren’t as many fun patterns out there, so if you know of any, send the links my way.