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Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress

18 Mar

Oliver + S released 3 new spring patterns last week!

Even though I got a sneak peak at them since I was a pattern tester and sample sewer, I was simply giddy when the new patterns arrived in the mail late last week.

My favorite of the three new patterns is the Hide-and-Seek Dress.  I adore the welted pockets along the front seams.   I opted to use one fabric  for the outer part of the dress, and another for the facing.

I made H. using organic cotton from Cloud 9. The outer fabric is from the Up, Up, & Away collection from Skinny Laminx.

Hide and seek dress  

For the facing, I used a print from the Nature’s Walk collection.


While I was testing the pattern, I made a 0-6 month version using prints from the O + S City Weekend collection I had in my stash.


I love this pattern so much that I have a tunic version in the works.



Those Pesky Bangs

27 Apr

Since I haven’t had much free this in the evenings these past few nights for the KCWC, I’ve taken on smaller projects.  H. is growing out her bangs.  To help keep the hair out of her eyes, I thought I would make her some new headbands using scrap fabric.  I started cutting fabric for this pattern, then I remembered this style isn’t practical for a 6 year old.  Despite the exposed elastic, the  finished headband is really cute, but you can’t easily pull the headbands on and off without undoing the ties in the back.  Since H. readjusts her headbands throughout the day, I decided to try and make up my own pattern to suit her headband-wearing habits.

I simply added an elastic casing and trimmed down the length of the fabric used for the headband.  The result was one test headband that ended up too small (the green one below).  After the appropriate adjustments were made, I made two perfectly-fitted headbands for H.

H. picked out this one to wear to school today.

I think for the next round of headbands, I’ll try increasing the width of the band.

Badminton Top and Skort

22 Apr

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Oliver + S patterns.  I even had all of my fabric picked out from my stash, washed and iron well in advance, so I could dive right in as soon as the patterns arrived.

Using prints from O + S’s City Weekend, Modern Workshop, and Denyse Schmidt, I made H. the Badminton Top and Skort.  Since I didn’t have enough yardage to make the skort, I used some leftover from this top for the hem facing and the shorts.


The faux summer weather we had this week sadly ended today.   Before the downpour hit, H. threw on some leggings and a long sleeve shirt to wear under her new top and skort, and we headed out to walk one of our dogs around the block.


Actually, our beagle tends to walk the person on the other end of the leash.


I love that this summery outfit looks just as cute with layers.  The adorable headband was made by my friend Crista.  This sweet headband has been the best accessory as of late since H. is trying to grow out her bangs.

Since the kids spent most of the April break outdoors, cabin fever hit early on this afternoon.  Raincoats and boots were donned, and my husband took the kids out in search of worms and snails.  Luckily H. and J. came home somewhat dry, but their legs were soaking.

I think I love this top even more with cords underneath.

Needless to say, the Badminton Top and Skort is my favorite of the new O + S spring /summer patterns.  You’ll be seeing more if it soon!

Sewing in a Storm

29 Aug

Growing up in Texas near the Gulf Coast, I have lived through my fair share of hurricanes.  I never thought I would have to prepare to weather one in New England, but that is we did this weekend.  Granted, our preparations this weekend pale in comparison of what I remember watching my parents do when I was a child.  Nevertheless, I did undertake some of the same preparations even if it was under my husband’s mocking eye (example of spousal mockery: when I was filling up our downstairs bathroom with water just in case we needed extra water, my husband affectionately referred to it as my ‘paranoia pool’).

My checklist included a few other tasks and items that weren’t on my parents’ list like cooking and baking a ton, hosting a play date, and of course knitting and sewing. I felt as it I was nesting more than preparing for a big storm.

This weekend, I made two Hopscotch dresses for H. We discovered a few months back that this is such an easy dress to just throw on for weekend outings.

For the long-sleeve version of the dress, I used Scandi Chirp by Michael Miller and leftover fabric for the trim.

For the short-sleeve version of the dress, I used Floral in orange from O + S’s Modern Workshop trimmed with City Weekend’s Cafe Dots in blue.


Other than a few fallen branches and leaves strewn all around our house, I feel pretty lucky we were able to get through the storm without incident.  I know several people who weren’t as lucky as we were.

Seashore Sundress and Family Reunion Dress

14 Apr

Every time I get a new Oliver and S pattern, I feel like I am getting my own personal sewing instructor wrapped up inside every pattern.  With the new spring and summer patterns, I learned a few more tips and tricks to add to my sewing toolkit.

The last time H. and I went into JP Knit and Stitch, she pulled out a bolt of fabric by Kaffe Fassett.  H. seems to be really drawn to his fabrics since she picked out Pandora Ombre Red by Kaffe Fassett when we were at Spool.  I haven’t found the perfect pattern to go with this, um, rather colorful fabric, but for the Shawl print she choose at JP Knit and Stitch, I thought the Seashore Sundress pattern would work well.

The Seashore Sundress echos the Tea Party Sundress (my first Oliver and S pattern).  I love the subtle v at the front of the Seashore Sundress which makes it almost have a slight sweetheart neckline.

For the facing, I used left over fabric by Heather Bailey.  The buttons are from my vintage button collection given to me by my husband’s grandmother.

I used the last bit of my Modern Workshop Pink Lemonade pack to make the Family Reunion Dress. The level of detail in this dress is astounding. I think I could have done a better job with the pin tucks, but overall I am please with how it turned out. If I were to make it again, I would edge stitch the front button area.

I didn’t have four small buttons for the front the dress, so I dug through my vintage button box and found four well-worn buttons that were all about the same size.

Even though I had enough fabric for the hem facing, I decided to use some leftover City Weekend just for kicks.

When you try this pattern, see if you can find the hidden message on the pattern pieces.

Emerging from my sick bed

13 Apr

I have been remiss in posting this week since I have been hit with a terrible spring cold. Consider the following posts a sort of recap of recently completed projects.

For my niece’s 8th birthday (EIK! how did that happen so quickly?), I made her an Oliver and S Hopscotch Top and Skirt.

For the top, I used interlock knit from Oliver and S’s City Weekend.  J. helped hem the shirt by stepping on the sewing machine pedal while I fed the fabric through the machine.  He was pretty excited.

For the skirt, I used fabric from Heather Ross’s Macaroni Love Story.

I am so sad this is no longer available at Spoonflower since there were so many wonderful prints in this line.  I’m grateful I stocked up when I did. The clothes pin people print is one of my favorites.

And on to my neglected knitting.  A few years back, I started knitting Fetching Wrist Warmers.  I have knit so many pairs to give away as gifts that I have lost count. Since I constantly wear the ones I made  for myself way back in 2008, I decided to make another pair for me and a pair to donate to H.’s upcoming school auction.  For both pairs, I used a ball of Debbie Bliss’s Cashmerino.

I put down the Valiant sweater I had been knitting in favor of some smaller projects.  I should go back to it since I am just about done, but now that spring is here, I have lost my motivation to finish knitting this winter sweater.

Up next is a post on the new Oliver and S spring/summer patterns.

Bear Carriers

31 Mar

One of my favorite patterns from the Oliver and S’s Little Things to Sew is the bear carrier.  H. & J. often play “family” in our house, so having a toy carrier is a big hit.

For H.’s, I used, Roundabout Dots print in the frothy pink and the Cultivated Flower print in the creme from Oliver and S’s Modern Workshop line.

H. has been wearing her carrier practically non-stop giving different toys a turn in trying it out.

For J.’s, I let him choose between prints from City Weekend and David Walker’s Rockets.  He choose the rocket print. For the lining, pocket, and the straps, I used the City Weekend‘s blue Urban Grid print.  J. was happy to deem this appropriate for his Baseball Bear (as J. calls him).

I’m looking forward for the spring/summer Oliver and S patterns to come out on Monday!