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Those Pesky Bangs

27 Apr

Since I haven’t had much free this in the evenings these past few nights for the KCWC, I’ve taken on smaller projects.  H. is growing out her bangs.  To help keep the hair out of her eyes, I thought I would make her some new headbands using scrap fabric.  I started cutting fabric for this pattern, then I remembered this style isn’t practical for a 6 year old.  Despite the exposed elastic, the  finished headband is really cute, but you can’t easily pull the headbands on and off without undoing the ties in the back.  Since H. readjusts her headbands throughout the day, I decided to try and make up my own pattern to suit her headband-wearing habits.

I simply added an elastic casing and trimmed down the length of the fabric used for the headband.  The result was one test headband that ended up too small (the green one below).  After the appropriate adjustments were made, I made two perfectly-fitted headbands for H.

H. picked out this one to wear to school today.

I think for the next round of headbands, I’ll try increasing the width of the band.


January Sewing Projects

1 Feb

Oh, January, where did you go?  Is it really a sign of old age that time just seems to be whizzing past?  Since I haven’t been prompt at posting completed projects, here is a run down of what I sewed this past month.

I’m trying to sew through my fabric stash since it has gotten way out of control.  From my stack of interlock knits, I made a few O + S Hopscotch dresses and a top.  H. lives in her Hopscotch dresses on the weekends since they are so comfy.

I made two dresses to give as birthday presents for two of H’s classmates.


For both dresses, I used prints from City Weekend and leftover fabric from Modern Workshop.

I made H. another Hopscotch dress in size 8, so she can wear this next year using more fabric from the O+ S Modern Workshop line.

I also made her a top in a size 8 using leftover fabric from this top.

H. prefers to wear dresses and skirts, but she does wear pants when she has P.E. at school.  I made her one pair of uniform pants over the summer to be worn on gym days, but this term, H. has P.E. twice a week.  She requested another pair of pants, and I was happy to oblige.  Using thin-whaled corduroy, I made her another pair of After School Pants.   Hoping these will still fit her next school year, I made them in a size 7. You can see by the photo, there is ample room for her to grow.

For the pockets and the trim at that bottom of the side panels, I turned the corduroy, so the lines go horizontally.


For the lining of the front pockets, I used leftover fabric from this top.

I didn’t mention this detail to H. when she got dressed for school this morning.  She was thrilled to see the funny little elephants inside her pockets.  Hopefully, this pants can be passed along to J.  After all, they don’t have any buttons!

For Christmas, one of my brothers-in-law gave me a few fat quarters from Amy Butler’s new line, Lark.  One of of the fat quarters was the Chinese Lanterns print in grass.  This has to be my favorite print in the entire line.  Luckily, JP Knit and Stich has it in stock, so I used it to make a O + S Birthday Party Dress sample for the shop.

For the facings and the button tab, I used Ruta in navy from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo.

I think this combo makes such a delight spring dress.  Feel free to stop by JP Knit and Stich to get a closer look.

Lastly, I made myself a Nigella yoga bag using frabic by Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush line.  I added a few inches to the top to make room for a drawstring.





Nigella Yoga Bags

14 Nov

Inspired by Molly’s yoga bag, I used Amy Butler’s Nigella yoga bag pattern to make two yoga bags to give away.

For both bags, I used cotton sateen decor weight fabric by Joel Dewberry from my stash.

I made some minor adjustments to the pattern to accommodate the fact that I didn’t have quite enough fabric.  I used a different print for the inside of the strap.  I like the little pop of surprise.

I also added 3 extra inches to the length of the fabric and added two button holes for a drawstring closure.

For this bag, I lined it with a print from Aneela Hoey.

I did a test drive with this bag on Saturday morning for a 90-minute Baptiste yoga session. The pockets were big enough to hold my water bottle, keys and such.  If I had one of those super thin, fancy thin mat towels, I probably could have squeezed that in too.  My mom does hot yoga 4-5 times a week, so this bag is heading her way.

For the second bag, I didn’t add the drawstring.


I’m donating this bag to my daughter’s school for an upcoming fundraiser.

Hopefully, I can make one for me after the holidays.

Crepe Dress Sewn for a Fabulous Friend

12 Oct

We all have times when our plans never seem to go as they seem.   Luckily, when those little mishaps show up in my life, I have the most amazing support from six women. Like many new mothers, I joined a local moms’ group after the birth of my daughter.  It helped to spawn a number of great friendships, but I could never have imagined it would help to produce six of the most amazing friendships I have ever had.  These six woman are smart, witty, insightful, beautiful, caring, and vibrant.  All seven of us are working moms with children the same age.

Every Columbus Day weekend for the past three years, we have packed our bags, boarded a plane, left our husbands in charge of the children, and ventured off to warmer weather.   This year, upped the ante and went international and added an extra day to our annual mom-cation.


In preparation for our trip to Tulum, Mexico, the three sewers in our group of seven visited JP Knit and Stich and all decided to make a Colette Crepe Dress for the trip.  Shortly after I finished my dress, we learned that one our of friend’s moms was diagnosed with cancer.  I quickly offered to sew her Crepe dress for her, so she would have one less thing on her plate. Using the Michael Miller and Amy Bulter fabric she picked out, I was able to finish sewing her Crepe dress the day before we left for Tulum.

We wore our matching dresses to Hartwood and enjoyed one of the most phenomenal meals I have ever had. If only, I had better photos to share with you. Next year, I’m bringing a better camera.

I feel pretty darn lucky that we are able to get away and spend this time together. Given flour-soft sand, the technicolor blue of the sea, the beach reading, the snorkeling, the swimming, the eating, the sight seeing, and just plan laughing our butts off, I know we’ll be heading back to Tulum again next year.

August Birthdays

11 Aug

My sister and one of my sisters-in-law have birthdays this month, so I have been sewing and knitting a few items to include in their birthday packages.

I made another Heather Ross Everything Tote using decor -weight fabric from Alexander Henry’s Copenhagen.  I love this print since it reminds me of something I would find by Marimekko. I picked this up at JP Knit and Stitch earlier in the summer and think I need get a bit more.  For the lining, I used a print from Anna Maria Horner’s Chocolate Lollipop from my stash.


With the extra fabric, I made a little weekend travel bag. I know the zipper and the lining don’t really match, but I used what I had in the house.  I still think it works together.


I also knit another pair of Fetching Wrist Warmers in cream using one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.


For my sister, I sewed a Wiksten Tank Top in cotton voile from AMH’s Innocent Crush.

You can’t really tell in this photo, but the top has such a nice drape in the voile.  I’m tempted to make one for myself.  I suppose it is a good thing my sister and I live almost two thousand miles away from each other, so we wouldn’t have to worry about being seen together wearing the same top.  Oh, the horror!

After seeing Genevieve’s adorable bag after I finished teaching my sewing class last week, I was inspired to make not only one but two reversible bags using this pattern.

I added two pockets on the inside and used fabric from Aneela Hoey’s Sherbert Pips for the lining.


For the other bag, I used decor-weight fabric by Ty Pennington.

I let H. and J. pick out the lining from my stash.  They unanimously chose Lotus Full Moon Polka Dot by Amy Butler. 



I didn’t check the test square until I had already cut out fabric for two bags (tisk tisk).  My print out was about a inch smaller than it should have been.  Sewing with smaller seam allowances didn’t remedy the matter either.  I went ahead and sewed the two reversible bags. One will go to my sister and the other will go in my gift pile.

I want to make a larger one, so I’ll be adding that to my ever growing sewing queue.


More School Uniforms

7 Aug

This is one of the few weekends this summer where we don’t have any plans.  I took advantage of that and sewed a few more uniforms for H. once the kids were in bed.  Now that H. has an ample supply of skirts for the upcoming school year, I started working on a few jumpers.

To sneak in a bit of color, I have been hitting my scrape drawer to find some colorful prints to use for the facing.

I’ll start with my favorite of jumper in the bunch–view B of Oliver + S’s Music Box Jumper.  H. loved the one I made for her last fall and still wears it today. For the one I made Friday night, I used a khaki window pane fabric and roundabout dots from Modern Workshop.



For view A of the Music Box Jumper, I used cotton sateen.


H. picked out some leftover Amy Butler for the facing.


H. has to wear the uniform polo under her jumpers, so I made the Seashore Sundress in size 7 to accommodate the shirt.  The dress should also last her throughout the school year, I hope!

For the facing and the pocket lining, I used more leftover fabric from O + S’s Modern Workshop.


H. prefers to wear jumpers and dresses opposed to skirts and pants. I have two more jumpers in my uniform sewing queue. Since school doesn’t start until after Labor Day, I’m taking a short break from uniform sewing.  I need some time away from the color khaki.

For upcoming birthdays

17 Jan

We have a number of little girl birthday parties coming up in the next few weeks.  Since I need a bit of a break from making appliqued birthday shirts, I decided to make a few Popover Sundresses to give as gifts.

Sundresses in the middle of winter? Indeed, these work wonderfully as jumpers with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings under the dress.  Once the warmer weather hits, it will make a great summer dress.  They are also super fast to sew.

I made this dress with leftover yardage from this Anna wrap dress.

For this dress, I used fabric from Patti Young‘s Flora and Fauna line.  Since this birthday girl recently received her first AG doll, I also made her doll a matching dress–I just left off the pink ric rack.

This last Popover Sundress is my favorite out of the three.  I used left over Amy Butler and Erin McMorris fabric.

Savri had asked I take a photo of the finished result of my stretch and overlock stitch on machine.  I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance as the Hop Scotch Dress calls for, and then trimmed the excess seam allowance to 1/4.