Finished in 2010 (listed in order of completion) Previously Finished
For MeKaino

Voile Scarf

Shalom Cardigan

Dandelion Dress

Schoolhouse Tunic

Anna Tunic Dress

Voile Scarf/Shawl

Ice Cream Dress (modified)

Fetching Wrist Warmers

Creature Comforts Cardi

For D.

Cobblestone Pullover

For H.

Reversible dress with Ruffle Hem (size 5)

Dress C (size 5)

Celia Cardigan (size 6)

Sunday Brunch Jacket (size 5)

Ice Cream Dress –View B (size 5)

Ofelia Dress and Bloomers (size 5-6)

Ice Cream Shirt View C (size 5)

Puppet Show Shorts (size 5)

Ruffled Halter Top

Pencil Roll

Fun Pack Bags

Prairie Girl Dress (size 5-6)

Birthday Applique Shirt

Reversible Skirt

Child Tunic (size 6)


Birthday Banner

Princess Hat

Jump Rope Dress View A (size 5)

Hopscotch Skirt (size 6)

Fingerless mittens


Modified Dress C (size 5)

Simplicity #2711 view B (size 5)

Ice Cream Dress (view A)

Puppet Show Tunic (view B in size 5)

Ruffle Jumper Dress (size 5)

Eliette Jumper (size 6)

Music Class Blouse view A and Skirt (size 5)

Long Sleeve Music Class Blouse (size 5)

Lazy Day Skirt

Playdate Dress (size 5)

Sailboat top and skirt (size 5)

Jump Rope Dress View B (size 5)

Music Box Jumper View B (size 5)

School Photo Dress View B (size 5)

Cat PJ holder

Bedtime Story PJs (size 6)

For J.

Sailboat Top (size 3T)

Pencil Roll

Fun Pack Bags

Sailboat Pants (3T)

Sandbox Pants (3T)

Sandbox Pants (3T)

Appliqued Birthday Hoodie

Nature Walk Pullover (3T)


Bedtime Story PJs (3T)

Cat PJ holder

For Others

3 Oven Mitts

Oven Mitt

Crayon Rolls (For Emmett)

Pencil Rolls (For Tess)

Anna Wrap Dress (For Isobel, size 5)

Pencil Roll (for Emmett)

Oven Mitt (for Mark)

Appliqued Tally Tee (for Tess)

Voile Scarf

Oven Mitt (for Ricco)

2 Star Crossed Extra Slouchy Berets (for Lara and school auction)

Sailboat Top (for Max, size 3T)

Peacock Mittens (for Kim)

School Photo Dress Sample

Oven Mitts

Mohair/Silk scarf

Appliqued T-shirt (for RJ)

Pencil Roll (for RJ)

Fetching Fingerless Gloves (for Lara)

Popover Sundress (for M. in size 7)

Reversible Apron Dress (for auction)

Appliqued T-shirt (for Scarlett)

Fetching Fingerless Gloves (for auction)

Pencil Roll (for Davide)

Weekend Travel Bag (for Abby)

Peacock Mittens (For Kristin)

Pencil Roll (for Maeve)

Pencil Roll (for Boone)

Knit Elephant (for Boone)

Voile Skinny Scarf (for Mrs. M.)

Voile Scarf (for my sister)

Firefly Bias Scarf (for Nancy)

Fetching Wrist Warmers (for Joelle)

Ice Cream Dress size 7

Ice Cream Dress view A (for Stitch House, size 3)

Sailboat Top (for Stitch House, size 3)

Sailboat Pants (for Stitch House, size 3)

Peacock Mittens (for Umi)

Appliqued Birthday Shirt (for Gio)

Hopscotch Skirt (for Ivy)

Hopscotch Skirt Sample

Nature Walk Pullover Sample

Birthday Party Dress Sample

Cabled Baby Hat (LB)

Baby Blanket (LB)

Jumbo Elephant (LB)

Bib and Burp Cloth Set (LB)

2 Flag Banners (LB’s baby shower)

Appliqued t-shirt (for Harri)

Appliqued t-shirt (for Emmett)

Appliqued hoodie (for Elliott)

Honey Crowl (for K)

12 Gathered Clutches (teachers and friends)

Napkins (for K)

Raglan Baby Sweater (for LB)

Nature Walk Pullover (for B)

3 Cotton Scarves

Appliqued Shirt (for Nora)

Appliqued Shirt and Skirt (for Andrea)

Appliqued Shirt and Skirt (for Ady)

Ice Cream Dress (size 6, JP Knit and Stitch sample)

Hopscotch Skirt (size 6, JP Knit and Stitch sample)

Crayon Rolls (for Harrison and Max)

Voile Scarf (for mom)

Tea Towels (for Lara)

5 Oven Mitts (friends and family)




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