For Me

Belle Cardigan
Gala Hat
Balthazar Vest
Minimalist Cardigan
Storm Cardigan
Fetching Wrist Warmers
Best Friend Cardigan
Bobbled Tam

For H

A-line Corduroy Jumper
Polk-a-dot Shirt
Navy Pants with Lace Trim
Smock Dress
Tea Party Sundress
A-line dress with pocket and button
Little Star Sweater (to be passed down to J)
Swingset Tunic and Skirt (in 4T)
Reversible Swingset Skirt (in 4T)
Appliqued Shirt
Tea Party Sundress (in 4T)
Long Sleeve Dress (in 3)
Playdate Dress (in 4)
Sunday Brunch Jacket (in 4)
Sunday Brunch Skirt (in 4)
Village Frock (in 4)
Home and Garden Skirt
Florian Fox

For J

Cabled Baby Hat
Chunky Cabled Sweater
Teddy Bear
Sandbox Pants (18-24 months)
Cabled Ear Flap Hat (medium)
Appliqued t-shirt
Double Breasted Jacket
Otto Owl

For Others

Tea Party Sundress – size 5T (for Maeve)
A-line Dress–size 3 T (for Lucy)
3 bibs (for baby Gus)
Modified Swingset Skirt and Appliqued Shirt (for Avigail)
Appliqued Shirt (for Angelo)
Appliqued Hoodie (for Miles)
Appliqued Hoodie (for Lia)
Appliqued Hoodie (for Asher)
Baby Blanket and Bibs (For Joelle)

Fetching Wrist Warmers (For Umi and Nancy)
Appliqued Hoodie (for Ivy)
Appliqued t-shirt(for Gio)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Coleman)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Scarlett)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Elliott)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Zachary)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Noam)
Appliqued t-shirt (for Ankaa)
Fetching Wrist Warmers (for Crista)
Cabled Ear Flap Baby Hat (for Delia)
Appliqued Hoodie (for Harrison)
4 pairs of Fetching Wrist Warmers
Ruffled Chef Apron (for Susan)
Otto Owl (For Boone)
Sunday Brunch Jacket in size 6 (for Maeve)


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