Finished in 2011 (listed in order of completion) Previously Finished
For MeCotton Voile Tova Dress (XS)

Wool Tova Dress (XS)

Peekaboo Mittens

Peacock Mittens

Market Skirt

Traveler Dress

Shot Cotton and Linen Scarf

Market Tunic

Portfolio Tunic

Built by Wendy top

Fetching Wrist Warmers

Tank Top Dress (XS)

Tank Top (XS)

Everything Tote

Flirting the Issue Skirt

Summer Weekend Dress

Tunic–Simplicity 2147

Continental Skirt (Simplicity 2059)

Itinerary Dress (Simplicity 2060)

Tova Top

Ginger Skirt version 3 (Colette 1016)

Crepe Dress version 1 (Colette 1013)

For D.

Here and There Cabled Scarf

For H.

Hopscotch Top and Skirt (size 6)

Hopscotch Dress (size 6)

Susanne (size 6)

Popover Sundress (Doll)

Wool Felt Mittens

Tooth Pillow

Red Riding Hood Cape (size large)

Reversible Bucket Hat

Bear Carrier

Ice Cream Dress (size 7)

Seashore Sundress (size 6)

Family Reunion Dress (size 6)

Class Picnic Blouse (size 6)

Class Picnic Blouse (size 7)

Seashore Dress (size 6)

Pinwheel Hairclip

After School Tops and Pants 

Music Class Blouse (size 7)

Little Lisette Jumper (size 6)

Hopscotch Dress–long sleeve (size 7)

Hopscotch Dress–short sleeve(size 7)


Red Riding Hood Cape

Sleepover PJs (size 6)

Knitting Bag

Apple Picking Dress (size 7)


Reversible Anna Wrap Dress

Seashore Dress (size 7)

Hop Scotch Skirt (size 6)

Music Class Skirt (size 6)

Lazy Days Skirt

2+2 Skirt (size 7)

Music Box Jumper view A (size 6)

Music Box Jumper view B (size 6)

Birthday Party Dress (size 6)

Eliette Jumper (size 6)

Little Lisette Jumper (size 6)

For J.

Sandbox Pants (size 4)

Bear Carrier

Bedtime Story PJs (size 4)

2 pairs of corduroy Bedtime Story pants (size 4)

J-5 Appliqued Hoodie

Knitted Robot

Space Balls

Seaman’s Cap

For Others

Popover Sundress (size 7, for Tess)

Popover Sundress & Doll version ( size 7, for Isobel)

Popover Sundress (size 6)

Hop Scotch Long Sleeve Shirt and Skirt (for Maeve)

Hop Scotch Short Sleeve Shirt and skirt (for Lucy)

2 pairs of felted wool mittens (JP Knit & Stitch)

Popover Sundress (Doll)

Appliqued t-shirt and Crayon Roll (for Justin)

Appliqued t-shirt (for Max)

Tova Top (for Kelly)

Red Riding Hood Cape (school auction)

Red Riding Hood Cape (JP Knit & Stitch)

Mara Shawl (for Grandma Prior)

Fetching Wrist Warmers (for auction)

Birthday Party Dress (sample)

Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts (sample)

2+2 Blouse and Skirt (sample)

Voile Scarves (mom and mother-in-law)

Figuring the Eight Scarf (for Beth)

Knit Rabbit (for Jack)

Messy Kid Bib (for Jack)

Fabric Storage Box (for Jack)

Built By Wendy Top (for Kristin)

Reversible Bucket Hat (for Boone)

Everything Totes (for Molly, Stacy, and JP Knit and Stitch)

Lucy Kimono (Baby H)

Baby Blanket (Baby H)

Burb Clothes (Baby H)

Lacey Bonnet (Baby H)

Baby Booties (Baby H)

Lacey Bonnet (Baby H)

Fabric Bucket (Baby H)

Cabled baby hat (Baby H)

Everything Tote (for Susan)

Weekend Travel Bag (for Susan)

Wiksten Tank Top (for Joanne)

Reversible Bags (for Joanne)

Fetching Wrist Warmers  (for Susan)

Sleepover PJs

Long Honey Cowl

Short Honey Cowl

Everything Tote

Weekend Travel Bag (for Joelle)

Popover Sun Dress (for donation)

Popover Sun Dress + doll version (for Ivy)

Knitting Bag (for Ivy)

Seaman’s Cap (for Scott)

Sleepover PJs (sample)

Crepe Dress (for Joelle)

Red Riding Hood Cape (for Maeve)

Applique E-4 bday shirt (for Emmet)

Seaman’s Cap

Owl Applique Shirt (for Harri)

Red Riding Hood Cape (for Mai)

Popover Sundresses (for Mai)

2 Baby Kimono’s (for Anna and Diana’s baby)

Three Tree Costumes (H.’s 1st grade class)

2 Bloomers (samples for Misha and Puff)

Birthday Applique Shirt (for Elliott)

Nigella Yoga Bag with Drawstring (for mom)

Nigella Yoga Bag (for school fundraiser)

Sailboat Top (6-12 months)

Baby Raglan Sweater

Bedtime Story PJs (6 months)

3 Weekend Travel bags

Shalom Cardigan

Flounce Scarf (for mom)

Irish Hiking Hat (for Keegan)

Seaman’s Cap (for Alex)

Stella Hat (for Kim)

Petits trous de printemps Scarf (for Kelly)


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