For Me


Garter Stitch Neck Warmer

Peekaboo Mittens

Striped Socks


Dusk Cardigan

Tulip Skirt

Star Crossed Extra Slouchy Beret


Weekend Travel Bag

5th Avenue Infinity Scarf

For H

Bubble Dress

2+2 Blouse (size 4)

Dress-Burda 9627 (size 4)

Gracie Dress (size 4, but 6 in length)

Birthday Party Dress (size 4)

Reversible Anna Wrap Dress (size 110-116 cm)

Short Sleeve 2+2 Blouse (size 4)

Puppet Show Shorts (size 4)

Graduation Dress (size 4)

Popover Sundress (size 4)

Kiddie Cadet

Scalloped Birthday Banner

Lazy Day Skirt

Sid Hat

Extra Slouchy Star Crossed Beret

Bunny Nugget

Stuffed Pig

2+2 Blouse (size 4)

School Uniforms

Anna Wrap Dress (size 4)

A-line Dress (size 4)

Sailboat Skirt (size 4 but length in size 5)

Sailboat Top (Size 4)

Sailboat Pants (Size 4)

Popover Dress (size 4)

Lazy Day Skirt

2+2 Blouse (size 4)

2+2 Skirt (size 4-5)

Tea Party Sundress (size 5)

Lazy Day Skirt

Birthday Party Dress (size 4)

Butterick Sew & Sew B5198 (size 4, length 5)

Jump Rope Dress-view A (size 4, but length 5)

Jump Rope Dress-view B (size 4, but length 5)

For J

Sailboat Top (size 2)

Sailboat Pants (size 18-24 months)

Kiddie Cadet

Jumbo Elephant

School Days Raincoat (size 3)


Stuffed Pig

For Others

Appliqued Hoodie (for Abraham)

Bibs and Burb Cloths (for all the 2009 babies)

Raglan Sweater (for Baby Logan)

Appliqued Shirt (for Isobel)

Misty Garden Scarf (for Kelly)

Appliqued Hoodie and Card (for Max)

Eyelet Yoke Cardigan (for Baby Pope)

Neck Warmer (for Lara)

Birthday Party Dress in Size 6 (for Maeve)

Appliqued Shirt (for Jocelyn)

Appliqued Shirt (for Davide)

Pillow Shams (for Molly)

Sailboat top and pants in 2T (for Boone)

Lazy Day Skirt and Applique Shirt (for Avigail)

Lazy Day Skirt and Applique Shirt (for Lia)

Eyelet Cap

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (for Joelle)

Seaman’s Cap (for my husband)

Applique shirt (for Zeve)

2 Applique Tally Shirts (for Ami)

Baby Raglan Sweater

Lace Bonnet (for Noya)

Bunny Nugget (for Lia)

Weekend Travel Bag (for Scott)

Star Crossed Beret (for Umi)

Weekend Travel Bag (for Umi)

Weekend Travel Bag (for Nancy)

Weekend Travel Bag

Extra Slouchy Star Crossed Beret (for Nancy)

Lazy Day Skirt and Tally Shirt (for Ivy)

Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover

Sailboat Top with Applique (for Harrison)

Bib and Burp Cloth Sets (for Zoey and Noya)

Extra Slouchy Star Crossed Beret (for Kelly)

Weekend Travel Bags (for H’s homeroom teachers)

15 bib and burb cloth sets and 4 lone bibs

Fetching Wrist Warmers (for Joanne)

Fetching Wrist Warmers (for H’s after school teacher)

7 Weekend Travel bags

2 Windy City Scarves (for Harrison and Max)

Stuffed Pig (for Boone)

Anna Wrap Dress in size 6 (for Maeve)

Bunny Nugget (for Ady)


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