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Why so long, stranger?

26 Jun

Well, hello there.  It has been a while since I have posted.  My apologies for neglecting my little ‘ole blog.  My spring semester has been filled with a whole slew of fall pattern testing and sample sewing, kids’ activities, teaching, work events, and job interviews.  Now that summer has arrived, and things are starting to quiet down, I catch you up on a few projects I managed to complete.  For this post, I’ll focus on the items I’ve sewn since I have a small pile of knitted items I completed that still need to be blocked.   I must admit, I’ve been lazy and just taking photos with my phone, so ignore the blurriness.

Here is a quick run down of some of the sewing projects I completed.

I snatched up a digital copy of The Staple Dress as quickly as I could and couldn’t wait to start sewing.  I decided to use Marc Jacobs voile I purchased at Mood last year to make my first Staple Dress.

Staple Dress in voile

I made another one using AMH voile.  I thought the single line of shirring wasn’t quite enough, so I added 3 more lines.

Staple Dress  Staple Dress

I really like this pattern.  It is so straight forward and easy to make.  I highly recommend it.

H.’s really close friend celebrated her 8th birthday back in April.  For her present, I made her a pair of O + S Class Picnic Shorts and added 8 appliquéd balloons to a tee-shirt.

Bday present  bday present

For H. & J.’s school auction, I made a yoga bag.  I made another for a friend’s birthday.

Yoga Bag

yoga bag lining  yoga bag lining

For a wee friend who visited us a few weeks back, I made him an O + S Sailboat Top in seersucker leftover from fall sample sewing.  I used lime green thread and buttons to add a bit of color.


I’ve been sewing a few things for H.’s upcoming birthday as well, but I’ll save that for a future post!



Fall Sailboat Top and Sandbox Pants for Nephew H.

28 Aug

My youngest nephew is turning 1.  As part of his birthday present, I made his a cozy fall outfit using the Oliver + S Sailboat Top and Sandbox Pants patterns.


For the top, I used the bike print from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play collection.  For the facing, I used a cross hatch print put from Alexander Henry.

I used chocolate brown corduroy for the Sandbox Pants, but I chose to leave off the back pocket buttons and the drawstring tie.  I placed the corduroy going horizontally for the front and back pockets to add a bit of contrast. For the waistband and the pockets, I used the same bike print from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play collection.

Showering Baby

25 Jul

My youngest sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby. For the past few weeks, I have been sewing and knitting in preparation for her baby shower. For yesterday’s shower, my fellow hostesses and I decided to throw a white-themed baby shower since the baby’s sex is being kept a surprise.  For part of the shower decorations, I made two sets of white-on-white buntings.  I forgot to snap photos during the shower, but I did manage to get this shot with my phone.

I used three different fabrics for the buntings.  Each one had a white-on-white print.  You can’t really see it in this photo. In the mirror, you can see a reflection of one of the clotheslines we had hanging.  We asked guests to bring something white to hang on two tiny clotheslines. My contribution to the clothesline was a lacy bonnet and baby booties knit using cashmere yarn.


The Lacy Bonnet pattern is from Erika Knight’s Knitting for Two.  This is one of my favorite baby hat patterns.  I have so many fond memories of my daughter wearing the one I knit for her while I sat next to her isolette in the NICU


The booties were made using Saartjes booties pattern. As a gift, I sewed a few things for the baby. I used a yard of cotton voile and flannel to make a baby blanket


Using two prints from Kate Spain’s Central Park line, I made a diaper and wipes carrier.

Using the baby kimono pattern from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing, I made this tiny kimono top.

With some of the leftover fabric, I made a few burb cloths


Finally, I packaged it all up by making a fabric bucket using fabric by Swanky Swell.

H. also included a small little bird she hand sewed, but again, I forgot to take a photo in the midst of the shower celebrations. I was also able to give my sister-in-law her belated birthday present which included a pair of gray wrist warmers and one of the Everything Tote Bags I made. I have given all of the extra ones I made, so I suppose I should start sewing a few more.  They do make great gifts


Christening Gifts for My Nephew

13 Jun

This past weekend, my little nephew was christened.  As a present, I made him few little items.

Using about half a skein of Spud & Chloë  “Sweater ” in Ice Cream, I knit this sweet little rabbit.  The pattern calls for a tennis ball to be inserted into the body, but I choose to use stuffing instead.

Our nephew is ready to start exploring solid foods, so to help with this huge milestone, I made him an Oliver + S “Messy Kid Bib” from Little Things to Sew.


I love the crumb catcher in the front.  My two kids never had bibs with crumb catchers. We are fortunate enough to have three wander pups who have always cleaned up any morsel that slips from a child’s hands.  I never really notice how messy H. & J. are until we are away from home.

Lastly, to hold diapers and such, I made a fabric basket from a Swell Swanky Kit I picked up at JP Knit and Stitch. This was a perfect sewing project for who seems to be lack the sewing time she once had. I do feel like I could have taken a bit more time on the linen basis tape (don’t look too closely).




Hopefully, the trio were a hit.

I really haven’t disappeared

27 Oct

I have been rather neglectful this month posting to this blog.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than having the one too many things on my plate.  I suppose this post will be a sort of recap of what I have been working on while after the kids are put in bed.

Aside from the samples I worked on for the upcoming Quilt Market (sorry I can’t post these), I have mostly been working on gifts.

I made these pair of Peacock Mittens last month for a super good friend of mine for her birthday. I used one skein of 3-strand variegated Morehouse Farm yarn in Grand Canal.

Since H. has seen me don my Fetching Wrist Warmers when I ride my bike, she has been asking for her own pair of fingerless mittens.  When it isn’t raining, H. has been riding a tandem attachment to school, so a pair of fingerless mittens were totally in order now that fall has arrived.  I used leftover Cascade 220 yarn and modified this pattern.  Instead of changing over to stocking knit stitch once the cuff was done, I continued the rib pattern.

The color the yarn happens to match one of the earliest scarves I ever made that H. now wears.

And here the gloves, and my gal, in action…

For one of my fabulous sisters-in-law, I made her this potholder as part of her birthday present.

One of my other fabulous sisters-in-law is pregnant, so for most of October, I have been busy sewing and knitting gifts for her baby shower.  I fear in my haste, I didn’t always remember to take photos.  Here is one example: I made two triangle buntings to hang as decorations.  I forgot to take photos of them, but you can catch a glimpse of them here.

I also made LB (as we are fondly calling the latest addition to our family), a baby blanket out of blue and brown flannel print with super soft minky dimple dot in chocolate brown on the back, but I forgot to shoot a photo before the baby shower.

I also made this bib and burb cloth set.  This is one of my favorite baby gifts to make.

For the baby shower, we picked a Little Prince theme, so I tried to make a few items that referred back to the book.

For this Jumbo Elephant, I used two skeins of Rowan Cashsoft Aran, Woolfilz felt from Holland for the ears, and vintage buttons for the eyes.  Now all the boys on my husbands side of the family have one of these elephants.

Lastly, I made this cabled pilot’s baby hat in a lime green from a ball of Cascade Pima Silk.  I used leftover chocolate brown wool for the trim and ties.  This is my favorite baby hat to make.

Like with most of the items I made for LB’s baby shower, it was nice to revisit some of my favorite baby patterns.

One of my sisters-in-law made this amazing quilt based on the cover for The Little Prince.  She stitched in words in French and bought LB a little pale green outfit to match the one the little prince wears.

My jaw is still on the floor.  This quilt is just amazing.

J. is Three!

21 Sep

Today is J.’s third birthday!  His birthday just seems to have crept up on me, and I wasn’t able to make knit him a toy as I had planned.

Since H. reminded me I didn’t make birthday shirts for them last year, I put some applique on a 3 hoodie using some Amy Butler fabric.

For my baseball obsessed son, I made this baseball from 1 mm wool felt.  I don’t really do embroidery very often, but gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

J. wore this to preschool today!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and funny little boy! I can’t even put into words how much I love this guy!

Ready for a New School Year

12 Sep

View B of the new Oliver and S Music Box Jumper was a easy to tackle this weekend. This version of the pattern has an adorable inverted box pleat and two decorative front flaps.

To help celebrate the arrival of fall, I used an acorn print by Joel Dewberry, 2 vintage buttons for the front flaps, and 5 navy buttons  for the back closure (the pattern calls for 6 buttons, but I only had 5 on hand, so I will add the sixth button hole and button when I get a chance to get another matching button).

For the front facing yoke, I used some leftover Moda fabric.

J. also has another addition to his fall wardrobe.  I finished a pair of Sandbox Pants using leftover chambray and contrasting green top stitching.

For the waistband, the pocket linings, and ties, I used leftover Amy Butler fabric.

I have discovered the key to getting J. to be willing to wear the clothes I make is to let him pick out the buttons.  For these pants, he picked out tractor buttons.

I never thought I would cross over into the realm of cutesy buttons, but here I am!