Massive backlog

31 Dec

I’ve neglected this old blog for months now.  New job, new responsibilities, lack of time, work-life balance…fill in the blank with any number of reasons keeping up with this blog has fallen to the bottom of my list. You can’t imagine the number of false starts and half written posts I’ve sitting in draft mode.

With a few hours left before 2013 ends, I’m determined to try and list the projects I’ve been working on for the past few months.  I’ve chunked them up using arbitrary categories.

Holiday Crafting

I love giving away handmade gifts for the holidays, but I scaled back slightly.  I still managed to get some sewing, knitting, and baking done in time for the holidays.

Using super soft flannel, I made Oliver + S Bedtime Story PJs for H., J., and my youngest nephews.

I used Riley Blake’s A Merry Little Flannel  for the H. and my youngest nephew’s sets.

pjs   IMG_2592  pjs

For J. and my nephew J., I used cotton flannel that was in my stash.

PJs   pjs

Using leftover fabric, I made a few Straight Stitch Society’s Forget-Me-Not jewelry pouches and put earrings and rings for a few dear friends.

jewelry pouch

For H. & J.’s teachers and friends, we made hand warmers, cookies, and two different kids of marshmallows.  It was fun having them be part of the holiday crafting this year.

teacher gifts

I knit the Falmouth Hat for my husband using a skein of Quince and Co.’s Osprey in bark.  I added some extra length to the bottom of the hat, so my husband could flip it up.  In the photo it’s a bit uneven.


I knit two scarves for two of my brother in laws, and a pair of Fetching wrist warmers for my mother-in-law.  But forgot to take photos.  You’ll see this is an on-going theme in this post.

I knit a Honey Cowl for one of my sisters-in-law in MadTosh Vintage, and an Atwood Infinity Cowl using Cephalopod Yarns Bugga for H’s Brownie troop leader.  I didn’t follow the directions exactly, so the chevron pattern is a bit off.

Christmas Cowls

For my sister, I sewed her a Staple Dress, but I forgot to snap a photo before I shipped it off.


This version of the Atwood Cowl turned out much better.  Sure does help to pay attention when knitting.  This was made using MadTosh Merino light.


Back in the early part of the spring, I started working on the Julissa sweater using MadTosh Vintage.  I added more length on the sleeve and the bottom of the sweater.  Now that the cold weather is here, I am grateful to have such a warm, cozy sweater.


Inspired by Eloise’s Vitamin D cardigan, I made one of my own using Firefly.

Vitamin D  

Pattern Testing and Samples

One of my favorite things to do is to test patterns and sew samples.  This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to test patterns and sew samples for all of the Liesl + Co. lines as well as sew samples for JP Knit and Stitch.

You’ve already seen some of the results on Oliver + S, Straight Stitch Society, and Liesl + Co patterns and sites, so here are a few garments you may not have seen.

For both of these Oliver + S Library Dresses, I used prints by  Rashida Coleman-Hale for the main fabric.



These Forget-Me-Not Jewelry Pouches were made using fabric from Cloud 9.


I love the new Liesl + Co patterns that were released this year.  Here are a few pieces I made as I was testing the patterns.  I made two different versions of the Weekend Getaway Blouse.  One I could wear to work and another I could wear on the weekends. For the work version, I used a Dealtry and Wiksten in Silk Crepe de Chine. Unfortunately, the vibrant print faded and became distressed when I pre-washed the fabric.   I still love the results.  The folks as Spoonflower were kind enough to send me replacement fabric after I finished the garment.

I used a double gauze print from Nani Iro for the casual version of the blouse.

I sewed a warmer weather and cooler weather versions of the Everyday Skirt.  Using more Nani Iro double gauze, I made this metallic polkadot skirt.

For the fall and winter, I used flannel plaid print to make this skirt.

JP Knit and Stitch has some lovely knit fabrics.  Back in the fall, I made an Oliver + S Playdate Dress and Leggings using these two adorable prints.


This Hopscotch knit top and skirt is for the shop.


I sewed this Staple Dress using cotton voile from one of Rashida Coleman-Hale’s lines for Cloud 9.

Starting this weekend, I’m teaching a 4-week session on the Date Night Dress and Slip.  In preparation for the workshop, I sewed these two samples for the shop.  The dress is made of Nani Iro double gauze, and I used a rayon  print by Joel Dewberry for the slip.

I made a Wiksten Tank Dress sample for a workshop I taught over the summer.

As you can see from the last two samples, I’ve been on a hot pink bias tape kick.

Sewn Gifts

Potholder for A.

For H’s 8th birthday, she had a cupcake decorating party.  I sewed aprons for all of the guests.


I have a number of good friends who have fall birthdays, so I made them tote bags.

For a few other friends, they received mini iPad sleeves.

For one of my sister-in-law’s baby sprinkle (her mini shower), I made the baby some cozy flannel pants and a knit cardigan.

School Uniforms

Back in August, I gathered up all my khaki fabric and embarked on my annual bout of uniform sewing.  H. has a new Seashore Dress for the year.

She also has another Birthday Party Dress.

I also made her another Hopscotch skirt and Music Lesson skirt, but don’t have any images of her wearing them to share.  I fear the same is true for all the pants I made for J.  By now, they are so tattered, there is no point even taking photos of them.

Sewing for Me

Lastly, here are a few additional items I made for myself over the summer.

I made yet another Staple Dress using this wonderful print from Anna Maria Horner.

Using this amazing double gauze print from Nani Iro, I made another Easy Kimono Dress.  I love the gold lettering on the selvedge, so I kept it on the hem facing.


I’ve received a number of questions about the differences between the Staple Dress and Easy Kimono Dress patterns.  They are very similar, but the Kimono Dress is a bit more polished and has a better fit.  It does take a bit more time to sew, but I do think it is well worth it.

I’ve been using the knitting bag I made for H. for over two years.  Since she has started knitting in earnest, I thought it would be nice to give her bag back to her.  Using leftover fabric, I finally made myself my own knitting bag.

Whew, well that should do it.  Hopefully, it won’t be another 6 months before you hear form me again.

Happy New Year!


6 Responses to “Massive backlog”

  1. deadlycraft December 31, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    Wow! You haven’t been posting but you have been productive! I think rather than beating yourself up for not blogging, you should be extremely pleased with how much crafty action you managed 🙂 one wouldn’t exist without the other anyway… Well done!

  2. kristin December 31, 2013 at 8:01 pm #

    WOW Jeanne, you have been seriously productive. I think I’ve seen a lot of these on flickr so you’re still “blogging” in that sense, eh? Your Nani Iro Liesl & Co. items are my favorites ever, and your knitting is gorgeous. I also think I need to make another Library Dress now – the one I made is one of my daughter’s favorites to wear. Cheers to 2014!

  3. tracy_a January 1, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    My goodness – everything is just gorgeous! Amazing work!

  4. Nathalie Palladino January 2, 2014 at 12:11 am #

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!! I knew that you were out there busy as ever! GREAT projects! Thank you so much for sharing, you are such an inspiration!

  5. Heather Gray Ferreyra January 5, 2014 at 8:08 pm #

    Love seeing all the updates! That baby sweater is the cutest thing ever!

  6. Tanya M April 8, 2014 at 12:08 am #

    Thanks so much for explaining the differences between the Easy Kimono Dress and the Staple Dress!

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