H.’s First Quilt and Fairy Tale Dress

2 Nov

Earlier this year, a lovely friend sent H. and J. a few charm packs.  We quickly divided the packs, so each child had a set of two.  Without a beat, H. said she wanted to make a quilt out of her mini squares, so she promptly started laying the fabric pieces out.

H. wanted the squares within the same color family to go diagonally.

She started sewing back in February, and over the past few month, she would sew a few squares here and there. This was a great way for H. to start to learn the sewing basics and begin to really feel comfortable using my machine. We had a nice workflow established: she would sew all the squares into strips, I ironed, and sewed the strips together. During this week’s storm, we were lucky enough not to loose power, so H. and I used our school/work-free day to finish up her quilt.

For the back of the quilt and the binding, we used fabric from Patty Young’s Heaven and Helsinki collection.

I should insert here that I am not a quilter.  Quilting is on my every-growing list of things to learn, but I have never actually sewn a quilt on my own. We sort of fumbled along finishing the quilt, learning a ton along the way.

Now that her quilt is finally finished, H. is planning to use this her dolls.  After all with the colder weather here, doesn’t every doll need a quilt?  J. was so inspired watching H. work on her quilt that he started working on one as well.


Aside from helping H. and J. work on their quilts, I’ve been thinking of the upcoming holidays.  A few weeks back, I finished making the Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress (view B) for H.  I thought this would be a perfect dress for a number of holiday events we have lined up.

I let H. pick out which view she wanted.  She loved the big bow in view B.

We choose Kate Spain’s Serenade Thistle.  I flipped the fabric pattern upside down since they reminded me of the  flowers in the Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy from Fantasia.  Since green is H.’s favorite color, I wanted to use coordinating fabrics to play off the greens in the print.  For the collar, the bow, and the armhole facing, I used chartreuse-colored shot cotton.  I used a lime green for the lining, and purple tulle (I forgot to snap a photo of the these).

H. loves her new dress.  She asked to wear it for picture day today. It is the one day where she doesn’t have to wear her uniform to school.  She was pretty excited.


4 Responses to “H.’s First Quilt and Fairy Tale Dress”

  1. aprilshowers November 2, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    The quilt is amazing! E has been asking for a kid’s sewing machine for Christmas and I’m not sure whether to do that or wait another year or so and pick up a second-hand but higher-quality machine. Do you have plans to get something of their own for the kids someday or to continue sharing your machine?

    • bobble November 2, 2012 at 10:28 am #

      Thanks, Laura. I have another sewing machine which H. has claimed as her own, but it is just easier for the kids to use mine since it is already out. I thought about getting them one of their own like the adorable Janome Hello Kitty machine, but I it would probably just end up next to my other sewing machine under sewing table while the kids used my machine. Perhaps if we ever have more space, I can set up a sewing table just for H. & J. For now, I don’t mind sharing.

  2. cloudsfullofrain November 2, 2012 at 3:21 pm #

    What a sweet project to do with your little one! I so appreciate how you chose to tackle a project you’d never done before. It made me think about how sometimes we think we have to have something completely figured out before we teach it to our kids. I bet it was so cool to just learn together. Fear was not a factor for you. You go girl!

  3. kristin November 5, 2012 at 3:24 am #

    Oh look how proud she is of her quilt! Awesome!! Love the fairy tale dress too!

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