Spring Birthdays

7 Apr

March and April are bustling with birthdays for family and friends, so I’ve been sewing up presents for all the celebrations.  Here is a quick run down.

For my amazing niece, I made her an O + S Class Picnic Blouse and an O + S Sunday Brunch Skirt.

Both the blouse and the skirt were made using organic cotton from Cloud 9’s Across the Pond Collection.


I love this fabric collection.  I was lucky enough to meet the ladies behind Cloud 9 Fabrics a few weeks back.  Michelle and Gina were so delightful.  The entire ethos behind their company is so inspiring.

For one of H.’s closet friends, I made her a reversible cape from O + S’s Little Things to Sew.


For twin sisters A. and L., I made them Popover Sundresses along with matching mini ones to go with the American Girl dolls they are getting for their birthdays.


For this one, I used “Chinoiserie” from Cloud 9’s Maman topped with fabric from O + S’s City Weekend collection.

For the second set of dresses, I used  fabric from Michael Miller and Tanya Whelan.

I made two Wiksten tank tops using Anna Maria Horner cotton voile for two of my closet friends.

This one is for my best buddy from grad school.

This one is for my close friend and neighbor.

I raided my fabric scrap stash to make few more pleated wristlets for presents.

This one went to A.

This one went to K.

This will go to B.

I made two of these.

I know who these will go to, but I’m not telling yet.

And on to something I didn’t make.  I have an amazingly talented friend who makes the most breathtaking cakes.  A few years back, my friend, Sharon, made H.’s puzzle cake for her 4th birthday. To celebrate my husband’s birthday, I threw him a party and asked Sharon to make his cake.  My inspiration for the cake were the cheesy Coolidge paintings of dogs playing poker.  I asked Sharon if she would be willing to make a cake based on these paintings and place our three dogs around the poker table.

As always, she went way beyond my expectations!


Sharon captured every detail in our dogs to create mini fondant versions of them.

Since our most beloved dog, Kingsley, passed away in the fall, Sharon placed a little halo above his head.  He happens to be holding the winning hand.

H. misses Kingsley quite a bit since he used to sleep at the foot of her bed, but she had no problem eating the yummy fondant version of him.


Like the rest of us, J. misses Kingsley too, but his favorite of our three dogs is our soon-to-be 17 year old miniature dachshund.

J. took two bits of the fondant replica, but couldn’t bear to eat the rest of her.


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