Recap of 2011

9 Jan

The end  of the year has always proved to be extremely inspiring since folks post so many great mosaics of their crafting accomplishments. I have always wanted to write a sort of year-in-review post and have several false starts, but have never really manage to get one finished.  For example, I started this post well before the holidays, yet am just now getting to finishing it.  Even though 2011 flew by, I did manage to accomplish a thing or two…

Here are some 2011’s sewing and knitting accomplishments I am most proud of:

  • being able to contribute to this book
  • teaching classes here
  • being featured here for some of the sewing I do for H.
  • being featured here, here, and here for the sewing I do for myself

But my biggest accomplishment is getting to know more of YOU!  Thanks for all of your kind comments, supportive e-mails, and friendly ‘hellos’ around the neighborhood.  It really does make a difference knowing there are people who take the time to look at my little ole blog. I look forward to yet another great year of sewing and knitting with all of you.


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