Tote Bags for Presents (modified Kwik Sew 3597)

28 Nov

Every year, I seem to pick one pattern and use it over and over to make holiday presents. One year, it was Weekend Travel Bags; last year, it was Gathered Clutches.  This year’s pattern of choice is Kwik Sew 3597. Since I have a bunch of decor-weight fabric in my stash, I’ve been able to make a bunch of totes by shopping in my own fabric armoire. Can’t beat that!

I modified the pattern to add a liner to all the tote bags.  I thought this gave the bags a more finished look as well as made the bags nice and sturdy.

I started off make two large ones, two medium bags, and three small totes. I think the medium are the perfect size, so I am planning to make a few more of those to add to the growing pile of homemade presents.

Here is a closer look at each bag:

Amy Butler with Alexander Henry for this large bag.

Echino Nico paired with Lisette to make this large tote.  I kept this one.

Amy Butler with Patty Young to make a medium tote.

Amy Butler with Alexander Henry (I think) in a medium bag.

Joel Dewberry paired with Denyse Schmidt to make a small tote.

Joel Dewberry with Alexander Henry for a small tote bag.

I used leftover Alexander Henry fabric accompanied with Patty Young to make this small bag.  H. has requested to keep this one to carry to and from Daisy Troop meetings.

Kwik Sew 3597 is a really simple and fast pattern.  I’m hoping to continue stash busting by making a few more of these bags to give away.  This first batch will be going to H. and J.’s teachers.


One Response to “Tote Bags for Presents (modified Kwik Sew 3597)”

  1. Julie December 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    I love this idea! I’m new at sewing, but I wanted to sew holiday presents this year. I’ve got the beginnings of a handful of stuffed toy owls so far, but not all the adults on my list would be into them, so I was thinking of things like totes. I have a version of that Alexander Henry fabric in the last photo with navy blue and lime green stripes and neon yellow moths with hot pink antennae. It was one of those buys where I kept alternating between picking it up and putting it down because I didn’t know if I really wanted to buy it, and if I did, what I’d do with it. I love your solution!

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