School Days Raincoat with a Dash of Spice

26 Oct

I keep an ever growing mental queue of sewing projects in my head.  One project I meant to tackle to over the summer was the Oliver + S School Days Raincoat.  I picked out a few possible fabric selections and let H. choose.  She choose French Curve Green laminated cotton from the O + S Modern Workshop line and a blue on blue polka dot flannel print from Riley Blake.  Both have been sitting in my fabric stash for months now.

The sleeves of H’s size 5 raincoat seem to be shrinking by the minute, so I finally pulled everything out this weekend and started sewing her a new raincoat. Sewing with laminate can be a challenge.  I learned that when I made my first School Days Raincoat for J. a few years back using rather think laminated cotton. This time I came prepared and had a stack of tissue paper and a walking foot.  Since I don’t have weights and since I wanted to minimize using pins on the laminate, I discovered that spice jars make great fabric weights.  As I leaned over the fabric to run the rotary cutter over the laminate, I would get a delightful whiff of spices.  I think I’ll be using these spice jars for cutting fabric more often not only for the olfactory reasons, but it also cuts down on the time it take to cut fabric since I didn’t have to mess with pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric.

When I made J’s raincoat for his second birthday, I made it a size larger so he could wear it longer.  Luckily, it still fits him.  Since H. is a bit tall for her age, I made her a size 7 hoping she can wear it for a year or two.



Last night, I stayed up much later than I normally do to finish the raincoat.  I don’t usually wish for rain, but was happy to see it was sprinkling this morning. H. was excited to wear her new raincoat to school today.


4 Responses to “School Days Raincoat with a Dash of Spice”

  1. Laura aka aprilshowers on Ravelry October 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    Wow, I can’t believe you sewed that in one night! It looks great and I love the spice jars as weights. I’m new to sewing and am still pinning everything but may have to try out weights on one of my upcoming projects. Do you cut out the patterns themselves or do you transfer them to freezer paper or something else first? My kids are 3 years apart and I’ve been wondering how to preserve patterns so I can use them more than once for different sizes.

    I also wanted to introduce myself since I’ve been pinning a lot of your projects on Pinterest and didn’t want you to think you had a stalker. We have some friends in common and I think we’ve met once or twice over the years, though since I don’t have a blog you probably wouldn’t know who I am! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I love your blog!

    • bobble October 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

      Hi Laura!

      Thanks for your comment. I looked up your profile in Ravelry and totally recognize you.

      It actually took me three nights for sewing to finishing this raincoat. I even surprised myself by finishing it that quickly.

      So I can reuse patterns as my kids get older, I tend to trace patterns using a huge roll of tracing paper I purchase at art supply stores.

      Hope to see you around town!

  2. Steph VW October 28, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    My friend, an avid seamstress, helped me cut out a pattern one night and brought her “pattern weights” which were large washers she had bought at the hardware store. Spices might be better aromatherapy while sewing… 🙂

    Love the raincoat. I think my boy will need a new one next fall, I wonder if I dare take on that task?


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