Ginger Skirt in Candy Trees

27 Sep

I’m a sucker for nice packaging.  I love the way the Colette patterns come in little books with a stitched binding and a pocket at the back to hold your pattern.

image from Colette


I’ve become so spoiled with the level of detail found in the O + S patterns, so it is really refreshing to find adult sewing patterns that have a similar attention to detail.  I also like the thorough tutorials on the Colette blog.  I used the tutorial on how to insert an invisible zipper to make the Ginger skirt (Colette 1016).  I’ve sewn in my fair share of zippers, but I need all the practice and help I can get, so this tutorial was much appreciated.

For this skirt, I made version 3, but kept the tree pattern on the fabric going horizontally instead of making them into a chevron.

I used organic cotton from Julia Rothman‘s collection for Cloud 9.  This was another recent JP Knit and Stich purchase.

This was such an easy and quick skirt to make.  I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this pattern again soon.


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