Sewing in a Storm

29 Aug

Growing up in Texas near the Gulf Coast, I have lived through my fair share of hurricanes.  I never thought I would have to prepare to weather one in New England, but that is we did this weekend.  Granted, our preparations this weekend pale in comparison of what I remember watching my parents do when I was a child.  Nevertheless, I did undertake some of the same preparations even if it was under my husband’s mocking eye (example of spousal mockery: when I was filling up our downstairs bathroom with water just in case we needed extra water, my husband affectionately referred to it as my ‘paranoia pool’).

My checklist included a few other tasks and items that weren’t on my parents’ list like cooking and baking a ton, hosting a play date, and of course knitting and sewing. I felt as it I was nesting more than preparing for a big storm.

This weekend, I made two Hopscotch dresses for H. We discovered a few months back that this is such an easy dress to just throw on for weekend outings.

For the long-sleeve version of the dress, I used Scandi Chirp by Michael Miller and leftover fabric for the trim.

For the short-sleeve version of the dress, I used Floral in orange from O + S’s Modern Workshop trimmed with City Weekend’s Cafe Dots in blue.


Other than a few fallen branches and leaves strewn all around our house, I feel pretty lucky we were able to get through the storm without incident.  I know several people who weren’t as lucky as we were.


2 Responses to “Sewing in a Storm”

  1. Laura September 9, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    “The Paranoia Pool!” What a perfect moniker for it. I did it too, but I shut the shower curtain and didn’t tell my husband about it because he had already given me the suspicious crazy eye when I filled up the freezer with water jugs. Love your work, as usual.


  1. January Sewing Projects « Night Knitter - February 1, 2012

    […] both dresses, I used prints from City Weekend and leftover fabric from Modern […]

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