Christening Gifts for My Nephew

13 Jun

This past weekend, my little nephew was christened.  As a present, I made him few little items.

Using about half a skein of Spud & Chloë  “Sweater ” in Ice Cream, I knit this sweet little rabbit.  The pattern calls for a tennis ball to be inserted into the body, but I choose to use stuffing instead.

Our nephew is ready to start exploring solid foods, so to help with this huge milestone, I made him an Oliver + S “Messy Kid Bib” from Little Things to Sew.


I love the crumb catcher in the front.  My two kids never had bibs with crumb catchers. We are fortunate enough to have three wander pups who have always cleaned up any morsel that slips from a child’s hands.  I never really notice how messy H. & J. are until we are away from home.

Lastly, to hold diapers and such, I made a fabric basket from a Swell Swanky Kit I picked up at JP Knit and Stitch. This was a perfect sewing project for who seems to be lack the sewing time she once had. I do feel like I could have taken a bit more time on the linen basis tape (don’t look too closely).




Hopefully, the trio were a hit.


One Response to “Christening Gifts for My Nephew”

  1. este June 14, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    What a nice set! Wonderful 🙂

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