Sewing with knits

10 Jan

I finally did it. I mustered up enough courage to try sewing with knits with my pretty basic sewing machine.  I don’t own a serger, so have always felt a bit daunted with the idea of sewing with knits. With handy instructions in the Oliver and S Hopscotch top/dress pattern and with the discovery that I have a stretch and overlock stitch on my machine, I whipped up a new top and dress for H. this weekend.

Even though I have had my sewing machine for over a decade now, I am still learning new things about it. With the stretch and overlock stitches built into one setting on my machine, I didn’t have to finish any seams.  I was able to trace, cut both the pattern and fabric, and sew a dress in one evening. With this little added boast of sewing confidence, I feel like a whole new world of fabric options has just opened up to me.

For both the Hopscotch Top and Dress, I used knits from the Oliver and S  City Weekend knits. They are so soft and surprisingly easy to work with. For the Hopscotch skirt, I used a paper boat print from Heather Ross’s Macaroni Love Story.  I love the prints in this line, but I am a bit disappointed with the quality of cotton Spoonflower uses. Regardless, I love the way the skirt turned out.


5 Responses to “Sewing with knits”

  1. Jill January 10, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    Beautiful! Everything you make is just beautiful!

  2. Sarvi January 10, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Awfully pretty, and having such a cute model doesn’t hurt either! If it’s not inconvenient, could you post a photo of what the stitch you used looks like? I suspect my machine might have something like it too, but there are two that look similar and I’m not sure which is which.


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