School Version of the Modified Dress C

15 Feb

H. is going through another growth spurt and outgrowing a few of the school clothes I made for her.  Making a few modifications to the dress C pattern, I finished a new dress over the weekend. H. should (hopefully) be able to wear it through the spring,  summer, and fall.

This time around, I cut the collar on the fabric’s bias, adjusted the sleeves, so they aren’t as angular, and created a pleat both in the front and back of the dress. Even with these simple changes, I ended up ripping and re-sewing the collar and parts of the dress 2-3 times before I was satisfied with the fit.  I still keep seeing things I can adjust, but I am tired of making little tweaks.

For this dress, I used filigree print from Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line.


One Response to “School Version of the Modified Dress C”

  1. Amanda March 20, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    I tried sewing that pattern last summer and wound up ripping, retrying, recutting, ripping, redesigning, ripping, and retrying. I never got it to fit or lay the way I wanted it to, either. I was so disappointed since I had such high hopes. I’ve had similar experiences with other dresses from that set — the fit just doesn’t work out in real life. It’s kind of a relief to find out that it isn’t just me.

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