Sid Hat

8 Aug

I abandoned the idea of trying to make a larger Kiddie Cadet hat.  After making 2 hats from the pattern, I wanted to knit something new.  So I decided to give J. the one I made for H.  I’ll find a home for the tiny one I originally made for J.

For the past few winter’s H’s has been wearing, what she calls her “pom pom hat.” This is one of my favorite hat patterns.  She wore the hat for three winters. Eventually, the pom pom fell out, but that didn’t stop H. from asking to wear it.

As a replacement,  I made the Sid Hat from Debbie Bliss’s Junior Knits. I used one ball of Ella Rae Classic in the same dark gray I used for the Kiddie Cadets. There is only one size for the hat, so it is a bit big for H., but it is floppy enough that you can position the hat so it stays on her head without falling into face.

I was able to put my limited knowledge of crocheting to work for the band and the brim of the hat.  I am still not completely confident I crocheted everything correctly, but overall, I think it looks okay.

To prevent it from totally covering her eyes as you see here, I seamed up the brim to the upper part of the hat to help keep in place.


One Response to “Sid Hat”

  1. adrienne August 9, 2009 at 12:05 am #

    TOO CUTE!!!

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