Kiddie Cadet Hats

8 Jul

In attempt to get a jump start on fall and winter essentials for H & J, I knit them new hats using the Kiddie Cadet pattern on Ravelry.  I used one skein of Ella Rae’s Classic from my stash to make both hats.

The hats knit up really quickly–I finished one with two nights of knitting.  I made H. the child size, and J. the toddler size.  I think they are both a bit too small for the kids.  I’m not crazy at how the brims turned out, so I may rip them out and try again.  The hat brims don’t seem to stick out quite as much as the other photos I have seen of the hat.  I’m going to see how they look after I block them. Perhaps, I’ll just try to cut a piece of cardboard to give the brim the structure it needs. I’m also planning to knit a little flower to add on to H.’s hat.

I’m not quite sure what I will take on for my next knitting project. On the sewing front, I am just about finished with the sailboat pants for J.  I want to finish them up, so I can alter H.’s 2 flower girl dresses.  I was able to have her try them on last night, so I could pin them up.  I have yet to attempt to get squirmy J. into his seer sucker tux to see if it needs to be taken in. I’m saving that task for next week.


One Response to “Kiddie Cadet Hats”

  1. Shahar July 9, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    The hats came out really cute! I finished mine as well and I agree about the brim. Blocking helps, but I wonder if knitting it with the larger needles will do the trick. I got the brim wrong the first time around so after doing it again, didn’t have the heart to rip it out again. Haven’t tried it on N yet.

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