Dusk Cardigan

30 Jun

Since May, I have been slowly making progress on knitting the Dusk cardigan designed by Kim Hargreaves. The pattern is from the Heartfelt collection. I made the smallest size and used the same color Rowan Felted Tweed I used to make H.’s Frilled Crossover jacket as well as another sweater vest I made when I first started knitting 5 years ago.

I have always loved the way Kim Hargreaves’ collections are styled. I think what drew me to this pattern was the amazing leather obi belt in the photo in the book. I was able to find one similar to it early last year.  When I purchased it, I had this sweater totally in mind.  Luckily since buying the belt, I have been able to put it to good use with.

Since I initially planned to wear the sweater with the obi belt and since I rarely close cardigans, I decided against making the knitted belt in the pattern.  Now that the cardigan is done, I really like it just open without any belt at all.

There are a few modifications I made to the pattern.  The first one was a total accident.  I had about an inch of the first front side completed when I started changing the double seed stitch pattern as described in the directions. For some reason I was distracted (which is fairly common).  I ended up doing a 2K 2P seed stitch pattern.  I had finished the entire first front panel before I even noticed, so out of sheer laziness, I just stuck with modified double seed stitch for the rest of the sweater. I also made the sleeves and the sweater itself a bit longer.   When I blocked the sleeves, I made the cuffs larger to give them more of a bell effect–there is no shaping in the pattern for the sleeves.


2 Responses to “Dusk Cardigan”

  1. Karen Grant January 11, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    Can I ask how you made your sleeves longer. Did you keep them constant the whole time by casting on the smaller size?

    • bobble January 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm #


      I think I just knit more rows after the set of decreases for the bell part of the sleeve (the part closest to the hand) before I started the decreases before the shaping the cap of the sleeve. I hope that helps!

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