Toe-Up Socks

3 Feb

I love the magic loop method for circular knitting.  My tolerance level for dealing with multiple double pointed needles is pretty low.  I made a pair of tow-up socks knitting both at the same time and finished them just in time for yet another snow storm. I can’t remember what type of yarn I used since the label was carried away by little toddler hands.

Since I only seem to  knit a pair of socks once a year, I feel like I have to reteach myself the short row toe method every time. I actually took the effort to match up the stripes too.

I hoping to revive the toe-up Jaywalkers I abandoned a while back since I have this sock momentum going.


One Response to “Toe-Up Socks”

  1. Kristina February 3, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    These look great. I love that you matched the stripes, that they are knit toe up, and that they are SO long. Great looking socks. I can’t even manage one pair of socks a year, so I am impressed that you can even crank one out.

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