All of my pre-Jonah projects are now done

12 Oct

At 3 weeks today, Jonah is starting to slower get bigger and bigger. Now that the weather is cooler, he is able to wear some of the knitwear I made for him earlier in the summer as well as a few things I made for Hazel when I was pregnant with her. Here is a photo of Jonah wearing the stripped sweater I made back in June.

The week before the baby was born, I started working on 4 a-line dresses. I was able to finish 2, but was half way through the other two when the little guy decided to make an appearance 5 weeks early. Today, I was able to finish the other two dresses. All I had left to do was finish the necklines, arm holes, hem the bottom, and sew on the buttons. An easy task with a sleeping newborn.

This week, I was able able to finish up yet another ruffled scarf. When I was in early labor, I rolled this yarn into a ball. I wanted this scarf to be longer than the other ones I made, but when I went to the yarn store to get another hank of chunky Misti Alpaca, they were out of chocolate brown. Just as well. I just made it the same length as the others.

While I was at the yarn store with my visiting mom, she picked out yarn for two scarves she wants me to make for her. I have started on one already. It is a pretty lace pattern. Hopefully, I should have that done within a week or so.


One Response to “All of my pre-Jonah projects are now done”

  1. Sue October 13, 2007 at 5:07 am #

    Your son looks so cute in the striped sweater that you made for him. I love the dresses too, so pretty.

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