More baby stuff made

3 Jul

I can’t believe what a productive day I have had even though I am on moderate bed rest. Here are some recent projects I have finished since yesterday’s post…

Last night, I finished the Saartjes booties. I used Rowan 4 ply which is think is much smaller than the yarn called for in the pattern. Of course, I didn’t do a gauge swatch. These turned out so tiny, but at least they are stretchy and should fit a newborn or even a preemie. I’m planning to make another pair in a larger size.

Baby blankets galore! Using these all too simple set of instructions, I made 3 large baby blankets.

My friend Kim introduced me to Joel Dewberry’s Aviary Collection. I totally fell in love with the Sparrow print and was able to purchase a yard in 3 different colors online. I was hoping to see if any would work as curtains for Hazel’s new room. Since printed curtains will clash with the Dwell print I have chosen for her bed, I decided to make some blankets out of them. I used green striped flannel fabric on the back of this one…

and pink striped flannel fabric on the back of this one. I’m planning to use this for a throw in Hazel’s new room and use the green one as a stroller and car blanket.

Using more of the pink striped flannel fabric along with a cherry print flannel, I made this warm and cozy blanket. I’ll give this away as a gift if one of the many pregnant women I know has a girl.


One Response to “More baby stuff made”

  1. este July 12, 2007 at 11:08 am #

    love the blankets and booties Jeanne!! Just catching up with your blog, looks like you’ve had a lot going on lately, and you’ve had quite a lot of creative output 🙂

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